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Project Highlight: Susan And Bill's Outdoor Living Transformation

Published Date: Aug 21, 2018

After countless years of wear and tear, Bill and Susan’s driveway had finally seen the end of its days. A nearby tree had busted through the concrete, leaving them with an unsafe and almost unusable space to park their cars. When they decided it was time to remove that tree and make the necessary upgrades their front yard needed, they weren’t 100 percent sure who to call.

They had received one quote but weren’t impressed, so Susan decided to seek advice from a friend who highly recommended System Pavers. With this trusted recommendation, Susan gave System Pavers a call.

As soon as they met with a design consultant to review their needs for a safer, more aesthetically pleasing paver driveway, Bill and Susan felt confident that System Pavers would be the best fit for their remodeling needs. “The quote we received from System Pavers was better than the competition, and we immediately trusted our design consultant. He was knowledgeable, personable, and actually reminded us of one of our sons,” mentions Susan.

Once the driveway was complete, Susan and Bill were thrilled with the end result. “The front turned out so well. The crew was amazing, and our design and project management team were so respectful of our budgetary needs,” states Susan.

paver driveway

During a final walkthrough for the driveway, Susan briefly mentioned that they were also needing to get their backyard pergola refurbished. Their design professional then let them know about System Pavers’ weatherproof pergolas. Susan was intrigued. “Once we decided we wanted System Pavers to do the pergola, it became apparent that we’d also have to redo the patio to accommodate the new covering. At this point Bill and I discussed it all and decided to just redo the entire backyard,” says Susan.

Bill and Susan can both openly admit they’re not design savvy, or artistically inclined. Since they trusted their System Pavers team so much already, they felt comfortable allowing their design expert to design the entire backyard project for them. What started as a simple driveway redesign had now transitioned into a full backyard remodel, including a new pergola complete with energy efficient outdoor lighting and ceiling fans, a new paver patiopaver retaining wall for their elevated garden, energy efficient lighting, paver planters, and an entirely new landscape design.

paver patio

The outcome of their new outdoor living space is more than they ever dreamed it could be. What was once a space that was barely used is now the most desired area of the house to spend time in. “We’ve lived here for over 30 years and have rarely had outdoor gatherings until the System Pavers remodel. Now, our children want to bring the grandkids over to swim and hang out ALL the time. Our daughter-in-law hosted a surprise anniversary party here for our son, and we’re having a baby shower here next month. It feels incredible to finally have a space that we’re proud of,” mentions Susan.

Susan and Bill are just blown away by how much their new remodel has expanded their outdoor lifestyle. They actually enjoy spending time in their backyard now, have started an edible garden and can’t wait to continue making memories with friends and family in their new space.

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