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Project Highlight: Jim And Rachael's California Dream

Published Date: May 28, 2018

After making the move to California to be closer to their children and grandchildren, Jim and Rachael were ready to fully enjoy their retirement years and soak up that golden California sunshine. Although they fell in love with their new California home right away, their feelings weren’t entirely the same when it came to the home’s outdoor living space.

“The backyard of our new home was full of concrete with red brick outlines that made it feel like a basketball court. There was also a one-and-a-half-inch lip up onto the elevated patio which posed a trip hazard for both of us,” Jim mentions.

Jim and Rachael knew right away that they needed to upgrade their outdoor space so it would be safer for them, more visually appealing, and provide space for entertaining their family.  Knowing they were in the market for a new outdoor remodel, they attended a local Home & Garden Show. This is where their outdoor living journey begins.

“We had seen System Pavers in a few magazines and then again at the home show, so we decided to give them a call. We were then paired with Karrie as our design consultant, and we liked her immediately,” expresses Rachael. “We felt so comfortable with Karrie. All of her ideas were in line with what we wanted and we felt confident in her skillset and in System Pavers,” she adds.

Jim and Rachael explained to Karrie that they wanted an aesthetically pleasing design that included some hardscape curvature. They were also eager to install a water feature and were hoping to add steps leading from the patio up to their elevated fruit trees. Lastly, they wanted the yard to be lush with landscape and full of color. “My dream vision for this space was to create our own Garden of Eden,” says Rachael.

hardscaped backyard

Once the design plans were finalized to include everything on Jim and Rachael’s wish list, installation began. What most deem to be the daunting part of a remodel process turned out to be one of the most exciting parts for Jim and Rachael. “Everyone onsite for the installation was extremely courteous, professional and friendly,” states Jim. “AJ, our Project Manager, proposed some very innovative ideas for the irrigation system that we are really thankful for,” he adds.

After installation was complete, Jim and Rachael were ready to create their desired landscape and finish off their new space. With some guidance, they decided to add in a variety of roses, marigolds, kangaroo paws, daylilies, and African daisies, just to name a few. All in all, their final landscape includes over 60 different plants and flowers.

paver patio with table

The completed space truly has become their own personal Eden. Rachael notices the birds and wildlife flocking to the space more often and they both thoroughly enjoy relaxing among the flowers on their new paver patio. They’re also able to better accommodate family, friends and neighbors in their new outdoor living space. Jim and Rachael’s favorite aspect of their new outdoor living space is what they call the, “Overall affect.” They appreciate how the new hardscape seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape and all the attention to detail that Karrie, AJ and the entire crew put in throughout the entire process. Most importantly, they are very happy to now have a safer and more easily accessible outdoor living space

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