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nice paver yard with pergola

Outdoor Living Trends- Fall 2017

Published Date: Sep 13, 2017

As the hectic summer schedule of activities draws to a close, homeowners are presented with a prime opportunity to update their outdoor spaces. Cooler temperatures and early evenings put people in the mood to take a more hands-off approach to landscaping, but of course, without compromising comfort and style.


It’s time for those summertime lounge chairs and rafts to be packed away. Think peaceful and cozy as they dress your space with weather-tolerant cushions, throw pillows, blankets, and outdoor rugs. Updating softer accessories such as those listed above is a great way to transform your space without making a big commitment. You’ll also want to decide whether you would prefer a color palette that reflects what the season means to you or more neutral palette to accommodate this season’s trends. Neutral mainstay shades of taupe, stone gray, and charcoal are versatile and can easily be transitioned from season to season.

Or choose a more autumnal ambiance with shades of ochre and maroon. Deep browns reminiscent of chocolate and espresso can lend a richness that shifts perspective during times where foliage begins to brown and shed.



Fall is the perfect time to execute larger-scale changes to your outdoor space since you won’t be disrupting blooms, interrupting summer fun, or struggling with frozen ground. Artificial turf and all weather plants that can withstand the winter months are worthy alternatives to high maintenance (or dead) grass and seasonal plantings that need constant weeding and watering. Installing paver pathways or other walkways can make your yard more welcoming and easier to enjoy. Including a covered pergola can provide protection for year-round enjoyment, while an outdoor fireplace will bring the warmth needed to continue making memories outdoors. A paver patio creates a maintenance free open space for gatherings, fall crafting and holiday celebrations.

paver patio with walls

Personalized Design

If you’re planning to spend the majority of your free time outdoors, it’s essential that any updates made reflect your preferred design style. Outdoor elements like fire pits and pergolas can invoke memories of treasured vacations to faraway lands. It’s a way for anyone with wanderlust to bring a worldlier feel to their outdoor spaces. 


Is it music that transports you to other times and places? If so, create an entirely new atmosphere with an outdoor entertainment center and an oversized paver patio that can easily double as a dance floor any night of the week. Installing a sound system keeps your favorite music piping through at all times, in crystal-clear quality. Or if you're interested in exploring a more Zen style of outdoor living, you can include a turf area for meditation, a water feature to soothe your mood, and garden accents like a Buddha to heighten your energy or a small pagoda for protection. 

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