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Paver stone patio with built-in TV and pergola

Outdoor Features That Boost Your Home’s Value, According to Zillow

Published Date: Apr 23, 2024

In today’s real estate market, buyers are increasingly drawn to functional, stylish outdoor spaces that elevate their lifestyles while maximizing how they use every square inch of their purchase. Recent research from Zillow reveals that the right outdoor features can significantly boost a home’s value, especially when it comes time to sell.

An ROI Everyone Can Enjoy

Zillow’s analysis of nearly 1 million home sales in 2023 discovered that homes equipped with outdoor amenities, like outdoor kitchens or TVs, can sell for more than the expected sales price. For instance, having an outdoor TV translates to 3.1% increase in sales prices, or an average boost of $10,749 more than expected on a typical U.S. home. According to a press release by Zillow, this premium stands out as the highest among 359 features analyzed.

Built-in fireplace and TV on outdoor patio

Six of the top 10 features that lead to higher home prices are outdoor upgrades, indicating a continued demand for functional outdoor spaces. This was kickstarted during the pandemic is still going strong. These features not only create space for friends and family to gather, but also add a sense of luxury that resonates well with buyers.

Top Outdoor Features for Top Market Value

Zillow’s research highlights several surprising outdoor features that drive higher sales prices. Outdoor showers, bluestone patios, and pizza ovens are standouts, commanding premiums of 2.6%, 2.3%, and 1.9% respectively. These modern backyard additions are often found in homes with a focus on outdoor entertainment, which is right on trend for the growing numbers of homeowners looking for incentives to get outside and relax.

Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, grill and paving stone bar

Appealing to Younger Home Buyers

In today’s market, standing out can mean staying modern. Younger first-time buyers are a blossoming demographic looking for homes with modern touches, both indoors and out. Contemporary outdoor design elements such as rounded corners, plant ledges, on-trend materials, and hardscape designs that make a statement often appeals to this group of buyers.

In outdoor kitchens. this can translate into accents such as soapstone countertops versus quartz (for a lift of 3% versus 1.7%) or having a beverage center instead of a wine fridge. With different temp settings for beverages, this versatile upgrade can mean the difference of a home fetching a 2.4% lift compared to .9% for one with a wine fridge. However, it’s important to note that both options contribute to a lift in price, so don’t feel obligated to replace an appliance before a sale if it’s functioning just fine!

Stone paver outdoor kitchen with grill, fridge, storage and sink

Zillow’s Top 10 Features That Sell A Home For More Than Expected in 2023

  1. Outdoor TV – 3.1% price premium

  2. Soapstone Countertops – 3.0% price premium

  3. Matte Black Finishes – 2.9% price premium

  4. Outdoor Shower – 2.6% price premium

  5. Beverage Center – 2.4% price premium

  6. Bluestone Patio – 2.3% price premium

  7. She Shed – 2.0% price premium

  8. Pizza Oven – 1.9% price premium

  9. Quartz Countertops – 1.7% price premium

  10. Outdoor Kitchen – 1.7% price premium

Balancing Investment with Need

While it’s true certain outdoor features can boost a home’s value, context is essential. A home with a pool or by the beach may make an outdoor shower a significant selling point but less so for a mountain retreat. Similarly, installing a pizza oven in a yard ill-equipped for outdoor cooking won’t magically increase the value of the home.

Amenities such as pizza ovens or outdoor televisions are typically found in well-appointed yards where homeowners have taken a thoughtful approach to outdoor living. This sets the stage for a higher than expected asking price. It’s easy to see how having multiple features from this list – such as an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and place to watch TV – can add up to a significant return on investment if you’re planning on selling your house.

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But the icing on the cake? These outdoor upgrades not only boost resale value, they’re also ones you and your loved ones get to enjoy from the moment you invest in them. This sets the stage for a space built for a lifetime of memories both now and in the future. If you’d like to discuss ways System Pavers can help take your yard to the next level, contact us for a complimentary design consultation today.

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