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paver patio with birdhouse

National Relaxation Day!

Published Date: Aug 14, 2014

Slow down…….take a deep breath. Stop and smell the roses. National Relaxation Day is your chance to wind down and take it easy. And if you have haven’t yet booked your massage or planned a lazy outing to the beach, there are still many other ways to relax today, and every day!

Here's a quick list of relaxing ideas to get you started –

  • Grab a good book or magazine and start a cozy fire. Turn off your phone, silence your alerts, read as the sun begins to set, escape from the grind, and just relax.

  • Have a spot of tea. Tea has been shown to lower blood pressure and alleviate stress. Take your tea out into your outdoor living space and increase the relaxation benefits of this delicious beverage by enjoying it in a beautiful location.

  • Have you listened to the most relaxing song ever? (Neither had we until we did a little research on this topic.) A group of therapists and an ambient band called Marconi Union put together song called “Weightless” which they claim to be the most relaxing sound ever. Take a listen and tell us if you agree. 

  • Breathe deep and slow down while sitting outdoors. Stop to notice the fragrant flowers, the sound of wind rustling leaves, and the beauty of the trees around you. Let you mind empty and enjoy!

couple on bench
  • Visit an aquarium or find some fish to watch. Research has shown that watching fish peacefully swimming might have a lasting and stress-relieving effect.

  • Visualize that you are on vacation. WebMD suggests that simply visualizing anything that keeps your thoughts away from current tensions can help you relax. This is even easier to do when you have a paving stone backyard patio and fireplace that makes your own yard feel like a resort!

  • Enjoy lounging by the pool or hanging out on a wonderful hammock……whatever helps you relax…..just go there and enjoy!

paver patio with fire pit and pool
  • Share a few glasses of wine or mocktails with friends in your outdoor kitchen or pergola-shaded dining space. This is a surefire way to relax, de-stress, enjoy good conversation and even better company.

    outdoor fireplace

  • We will be relaxing today and hope you will too with some of these ideas. Just remember, you don't need a special holiday to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. If life is starting to feel too chaotic, that's a sign that it's time to kick back, relax and celebrate the little things that make all our days worth it.

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