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Manspacing: Creating Your Outdoor Mancave

Published Date: Jun 11, 2017

Forget the mancave. It’s all about the manspace! The reclusive indoor mancave is so passé. With the right outdoor design and the installation of some crucial outdoor living equipment, you can turn any outdoor living space into an outdoor mancave— or what we’re deeming, the manspace. To start, let’s consider the three essential features of any proper manspace: food, entertainment, and sports. 1. For Food: A Master BBQ with Full Outdoor Grill Setup

When the guys get hungry while hanging in the manspace, the proper host needs to be ready with the essentials of goods for outdoor eating. No outdoor mancave would be complete without a BBQ island. They look great and cook even better. Serve up some nice outdoor culinary man-meals like steak, burgers, ribs, hotdogs, brats, bacon, buffalo wings, or whatever you and your fellow dad friends are craving.

Cooking outdoors is also easier because a built in outdoor grill virtually eliminates the hassle of kitchen clean up. It’s also more rewarding because you reap the benefits of being outside while still being able to entertain your guests as you bbq up their lunch. There’s something invigorating, wild, and just plain fun about cooking and eating good food with friends or family in the great outdoors. Don’t forget to include a built-in kegorator in your outdoor design to keep your favorite beer on tap.

men cooking

2. For Entertainment: An Outdoor Living Room with Weatherproof TV and Surround Sound System

Everyone will want to do Sunday funday at your place after they experience the enjoyable outdoor environment, home-cooked BBQ, and stellar entertainment system of your outdoor manspace. Whether you want to watch a big game, binge watch the latest season of your favorite show while enjoying the nice weather outside, or play a new movie and host your own movie preview party, your manspace can be a complete outdoor living room with a weatherproof TV and quality Sonos surround sound system.

Cover and protect it all from the elements with a built-in covered outdoor pergola. This will create a smooth and seamless transition to your indoor/outdoor living while creating shade and keeping out the wind and rain. A pergola will also extend the amount of time throughout the year that you can spend outside using your new manspace.

patio with outdoor tv

3. For Sports: An Artificial Turf Putting Green

Every mancave should be a refuge and source of relaxation, without having to stress over any extra work or needed regular maintenance. So, for the outdoor manspace, a quality artificial turf made from the best materials and installed by professionals is an excellent choice for a good sporting green. You can use your low-maintenance, always bright green, vibrant, and healthy-looking synthetic grass lawn as a putting green for at home golf practice, set it up for bacci ball, or grab one of those plastic yellow whiffle ball bats and whack a few plastic whiffle balls for fun. If you’re feeling something a bit more rugged for those all guy days, try flag football or a game of soccer.

So the time has come to ditch that mancave and start exploring the endless possibilities a manspace has to offer. What are you waiting for?

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