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Maintaining Your Turf During The Winter

Published Date: Dec 14, 2016

As the time of year changes, most homeowners are faced with some major backyard and lawn care cleanup. From raking leaves to preserving gardens, there is a lot to do to maintain the front yard and backyard. One way to reduce seasonal stress is to consider trading your lawn for synthetic grass--when professionally installed, it will last for years and save time with traditional lawn care maintenance. 

Cold climate winters People who live in colder climates have to deal with feet of snow throughout the winter. All that ice can build up and do serious damage on natural grass. When spring comes, they may find their grass requires major upkeep and has even turned into a thick layer of mud. All mowing and watering stops, and so does drainage since the ground is frozen.

You could benefit from turf because it is much easier to maintain. The material is layered in a way that promotes draining of everything from an accidentally spilled glass of wine to pet urine, rain and snow. When the pretty white stuff finally melts, you'll be the first one to have a gorgeous green lawn. You don't have to worry about seasonal die off, mowing, watering or pet damage because turf can withstand any cold and heat. It never grows yet remains beautifully green and usable until it's too chilly to hangout in your yard!

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Some climates don't receive snow, allowing homeowners to enjoy the backyard all year.

Warm climate winters If you live in an area like Southern California, your winters are very mild. While the temperature dips a bit and it can get windy, you won't have to deal with snow and ice. Homeowners who have natural grass yards typically cut down on their watering and enjoy the yard all year-round. Since it's no longer the growing season, mowing the lawn is not a weekly activity - it's easier to mow every two weeks or so as needed.

Unfortunately, at this time of year it's especially obvious if you have pets since their favorite bathroom areas are likely brown and yellow where the grass has died. You'll have to wait until summer again to fertilize these areas and try to bring them back to life. If you live in a locale where winter is the rainy season, your backyard likely becomes a muddy mess. When summer returns you'll have to completely re-seed and re-grow all that hard work from last year.

People who have turf have even less to do. Forget about watering and mowing the lawn. Don't fret about rotting leaves and sticks affecting your grass. You never have to water turf - it keeps it's stunning yet natural green color all year. There is no cost to keep turf in impeccable shape since you need not mow, water or fertilize. It even absorbs pet urine and provides an easy surface for removal of solid waste. 

Consider the benefits of turf as you watch your lawn this winter and spring. For those looking to cut lawn maintenance in half and enjoy their yard more, turf is a great option. You can even have your very own putting green if you want to do a little practice at home!

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