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June Is Great Outdoors Month

Published Date: Jun 1, 2015

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the great outdoors – and no better month to do it than June! Great Outdoors Month is a terrific way to boost awareness and to encourage healthy outdoor activity, from hiking to boating, fishing, and camping.

With the first days of summer just around the corner, get ready to celebrate the great outdoors with your friends and family. Here are a few ways to celebrate, along with some helpful tips that can get you ready to start your own outdoor adventure!

While you can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the month, National Get Outdoors Day gives you a great opportunity to enjoy this celebration. Currently in its 8th year, National Get Outdoors Day gives families the chance to enjoy both traditional and non-traditional outdoor activities in some of the nation's greatest outdoor sites. In 2015, National Get Outdoors Day is on June 13th – be sure to take the time to visit the website at www.nationalgetoutdoorsday.org to find out about celebrations and programs in your area! Every state across the country will hold celebrations.

Of course, even if you don't have the opportunity to visit one of these great sites, you can still get out on your own to enjoy the great outdoors. This day is specifically focused on introducing children to outdoor activities, so consider these kid-friendly options for getting out and enjoying the June sun. A nature scavenger hunt is a great option that is as fun as it is educational. Make your own scorecards, relevant to the area you live in, and go for a nature walk while keeping an eye out for native flora and fauna.

Another great activity is backyard camping. You can take part in the Great American Backyard Campout with your kids or, if they're a little bit older, you can give them the opportunity to camp out in the backyard on their own. Just keep a few tips in mind to make your family's backyard camping excursion as safe as it is fun. Even though it's in the backyard, it still pays to have good shelter. A tent and a sleeping bag for every camper is a must and, as an added bonus, adds to the "camping" experience. Remember to make insect repellant available for campers as well for a more comfortable experience.

making smores

If there are going to be adults present, then a simple campfire can be a great option. Otherwise, consider an option such as an LED lantern so your kiddy campers can safely enjoy the thrills of spooky stories told by campfire light. Of course, s'mores and roasted hot dogs are a must, so you may still consider firing up your grill and using skewers to help your campers make delicious snacks before they turn in for the night.

Last but not least, remember to have your campers leave their electronic devices (smartphones, handheld game systems, and the like) indoors so they can truly enjoy the outdoor experience. Whether you head to one of the nation's biggest parks or transform your backyard into a camper's oasis, be sure to schedule some time with Mother Nature this month.

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