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Jingle All The Way

Published Date: Dec 2, 2013

When we think of the holiday season, it’s hard to not think of the traditional music and sounds that bring back so many memories of past Christmases. The fun songs of childhood like Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer mixed in with some of the adult classics such as Ava Maria, Silent Night, and What Child Is This conjure up the holiday spirit beautifully. No matter where we are during the holiday season, a bustling shopping mall, a city park with lights, or a wintry night in a ski resort, it’s the music that creates the mood we all seek each year.

With today's outdoor technology, it's easy to create a magical festive mood right in your own backyards. Wireless sound systems and waterproof speakers allow you to play music from your smart phone from any location within your home and yard. Weather-proof speakers enable you to create listening stations throughout your yard as well, playing different music streams, or just enhancing the quality of the audio with multiple speakers throughout your yard.

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Outdoor speakers disguised as rocks to blend in with your landscape seamlessly or larger speakers installed under your patio’s eaves, all have the same quality sound as your systems indoors. And when you place speakers throughout your yard during the holidays it may sound as if Jolly Old Saint Nick were there himself. No matter where you spend the holidays this year, create some of the magic with the Sounds of Christmas in the privacy of your own outdoors, under your own Star of Wonder.

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