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Jeopardizing Your Lawn

Published Date: Nov 18, 2013

If you think keeping your lawn green and healthy each year is game of chance, take the following Jeopardy quiz: Category – Turf Wars: This environment requires toxic fertilizers and pesticides to look good. Lots of mowing, weeding, and upkeep. Can have broken sprinkler pipes that flood your yard or dry patches due to drought and neglect. Develops unsightly dead spots from pets. High monthly bills from water usage and lawn care companies. ANSWER: What is known as traditional grass lawn problems! 

Maybe you’re not planning on being a contestant on Jeopardy anytime soon, but you definitely can relate to the game of Turf Wars in your own backyard. Synthetic turf looks and feels just like the grass you’d find in some of the best maintained, manicured yards anywhere without the costly bills or hours of hard, back breaking work.

nice turf

The quality of today’s synthetic turf feels just like the natural grass you’re used to running through barefoot or playing on with the kids. With the emergence of advanced UV coatings to prevent your turf from fading, it is even easier than before to have a better-than-natural grass – all year round.

SP Turf is environmentally safe and has a toxin-free in-fill which also makes it anti-microbial. By resisting bacterial growth this makes turf a pet friendly choice. Animal waste is not absorbed in the turf and clean up is easy.

When looking for a quality product, make sure it includes special drainage holes that allow water to shed quickly without pooling on the surface of your lawn. Getting artificial turf installed in your yard can be a big “game changer” for your life!

kids on swingset

Consider going for “Double Jeopardy” when you can answer these questions from direct experience: · What feels as good as the real thing? · What no longer requires watering of any kind for the rest of its life? · What in your yard will save you money for every year to come? · What gives you freedom to enjoy, instead of working in your yard every weekend?

ANSWER High quality SP Turf with our exclusive 10-year warranty against defects, degradation and fading - making your yard a winner in the constant turf wars you will no longer be battling!

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