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backyard pavers with grill and fire pit

It's In The Air - Outdoor tips for Fall

Published Date: Sep 29, 2014

Photo Credit: StoneGableBlog.com

Perhaps one of the reasons Fall is so nostalgic is that it engages all of our senses. The feel of that first chill in the air. Sounds of leaves crumbling under our feet. Bright vivid colors as nature changes apparel. And the smells of fresh earth and plants after a brisk rain. It’s the time that we snuggle up inside with a cozy blanket, a good book, and surround ourselves with scents of nutmeg, pine trees, cinnamon, and such. Yet all of these Fall moments don’t have to take place inside. With gas fire pits, outdoor lighting and comfortable furniture, we can create more nostalgia and fun family memories sitting under the Milky Way, breathing crisp air while warming up by a fire. Outdoor gas pits are inexpensive and light up with the flip of a switch, letting you create a warm cozy night outside on the spur of a moment. To make it even more cozy, try simmering some potpourri outside. Using your own natural ingredients for outdoor potpourris makes it even more nostalgic and enhances the whole nature experience. Here’s some ideas. Oranges or lemons getting old? Instead of tossing them, slice them into a pot of water, add some cloves and cinnamon, and simmer while sipping hot cider. For variety, add some peach slices or a spoonful of vanilla. Or both! Pine needles on the lawn? Scoop them out and simmer in a pot of water on your fire pit with cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and citrus rinds or slices. Roses in the yard? Instead of letting your rose petals fade and drop into , trim a few and simmer them with cloves and cinnamon, and pine needles. Experiment with various elements of nature from your yard and home and see what aroma best suits your cozy mood.

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