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Doug and Larry- System Pavers founders

The History of System Pavers

Published Date: Oct 9, 2012

No matter your personal or professional pursuits, success comes down to just one factor: passion. When we look back on System Pavers' first 20 years, and ponder how we became the nation's leading designer and installer of paving stone outdoor living systems, the driving force behind it all is our passion. Founding partners, Larry Green and Doug Lueck, were passionate about every detail from the very beginning: the products we use, the service we provide, the installation process, and the lives we change. Then and now, our primary focus is to help homeowners love their homes again and spend more quality time with family and friends by creating an outdoor escape or haven that was not only beautiful and relaxing, but functional too.

What has sustained our growth over time, during bad and good economies, has been our passion to always do more and be more for our customers. While we enjoy developing new products and ideas that enhance every home's outdoor living spaces, the greatest joy we have achieved in 20 years are the relationships along the way.

Our designers and installers have become like family to many homeowners, and CEO Larry Green spends several weeks every year getting to know homeowners and listen firsthand to what matters most to them when it comes to outdoor living right at home. Seeing the joy and excitement that comes from having beautiful, functional outdoor spaces is what has made our 20 year journey worthwhile and what keeps our passion alive. It is what is driving us to be even better over the next 20 years and beyond.

Thanks to all our customers for your support, and for letting us help you make your house a home!

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