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If You're A Golfer, You Need This Backyard

Published Date: Apr 16, 2017

Golf is one of the most practiced at-home sports across the nation. Making the switch from grass to synthetic turf is your best bet at creating an ideal practice course right in your own backyard. With the right professional grade turf and some basic golf equipment, it's possible to perfect your swing before 'putting' your golf skills to the test on the course. Here's how:

Backyard golf practice

Unless you're already going pro, brushing up on your golf technique probably requires a trip to your local course or driving range. But with the right planning and equipment, it's possible to outfit your backyard to serve as a suitable alternative practice space. This makes it even more convenient to perfect your swing, especially on those days when you just don't feel like lugging your clubs all the way to the links.

To get started with creating your personal backyard practice space, the PGA suggested a few setup ideas, depending on your budget. No matter what, you will want to create your practice area on top of high-quality synthetic turf like System Pavers SP Turf. Even the best golfers can turn ordinary grass into Swiss cheese with just a few practice swings. Practicing on synthetic turf, however, prevents this hassle by standing up to more abuse than natural grass. Not only that, synthetic turf is easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run, making it a winning combination for golf enthusiasts or casual fans.

baby on turf

It's not difficult to transform your backyard into the perfect golf practice space.

For an even more realistic practice area, the PGA recommended adding a few of the following features:

  • A portable golf net allows you to take real swings at a ball instead of just brushing the

     ground, but keeps those balls from flying too far out of reach (or worse, into a window).

  • To improve chipping accuracy, you'll need a target to aim at. Typical backyard features like stones or trees will do in a pinch, but the PGA recommended buying dedicated golf targets, along with a chipping net.

  • It can be a pain to bend over and collect practice balls after they've been hit. To save your back a little trouble, use a shag bag, a device that extends downward to grip and store balls easily. Of course, you could always send the kids chasing after stray balls, too!

Backyard golf practice can be made even more effective and safe using specially designed practice balls. According to HowTheyPlay.com, there are several types of practice golf balls to choose from that replicate the look and feel of a standard golf ball but include some helpful features.

Some practice golf balls are made of foam or another softer material, but include a more solid core. This gives them a weight similar to regulation golf balls while reducing their impact force. This makes it much more unlikely that a stray ball will end up damaging property or injuring someone.

putting green

With the right turf and some extra equipment, it's possible to get in shape before putting your golf skills to the test on the course.

Other practice balls don't look much like a ball at all, but are still helpful for improving your swing. These devices might include a large gap in the middle which prevents them from flying more than a few yards, but still feel similar to hitting a real ball.

Backyard clubhouse

The right backyard can make for a great golf practice area, but why not take it up a couple of notches? Outfitting your backyard with a custom pergola can add a miniature clubhouse to your backyard practice space. Pergolas are easy to install and extremely versatile as outdoor living features. They can be decorated with foliage or painted any color you see fit. In addition to a pergola, golf junkies could have an outdoor bar, grilling station or deck close at hand. These spaces work well for entertaining large groups or simply relaxing outside with family.

Artificial turf and customized backyard features can easily bring a yard to life and give it a look and feel not far removed from your favorite golf course. Backyard golf practice is never going to match the experience of a full-size course. However, with the right turf and some extra equipment, it's possible to get in shape before putting your skills to the test.

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