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How To Seamlessly Integrate Your Softscape And Hardscape Designs

Published Date: Mar 23, 2016

With so many components available to create the ultimate backyard layout, some homeowners just can't choose between a beautiful garden and hardscape design. Fortunately, they don't have to. To be sure, including landscaping options with outdoor media, custom patios and gazebos may seem intimidating. Won't it look cluttered? How can homeowners integrate these components in an organized manner? With the right guidance, though, this endeavor is totally possible and can help families enjoy a luxury backyard. Here's how to incorporate hardscape elements with gardens for a beautiful and functional space:  Surround the structure Homeowners can create a garden that feels like they're walking into another world by surrounding hardscape design with plants. This strategy is especially beautiful with larger plants, like bamboo or tall perennials. For example, individuals can position these plants around the border of a custom patio to build a natural wall around the space. Not only will this create some privacy, but also the overgrown greenery will deliver that jungle vibe, making the backyard a true oasis.

Of course, this method doesn't need extreme measures. Homeowners can plant small gardens around other hardscape features. For example, a bed of flowers surrounding a stone mailbox delivers a balanced aesthetic touch that doesn't overwhelm the structure.

Create borders Some hardscape design elements already serve as borders. For instance, natural stone retaining walls and pillars create spaces in open areas. Homeowners can use this to their advantage by planting gardens along these structures, essentially making a border of flowers. This method gives the yard some color without taking up much surface area.

Hardscape features can also serve as borders to gardens. Homeowners can plant a bed of flowers just behind their outdoor stone fireplaces or natural stone barbecue islands.

Get creative Homeowners can add innovative elements to their yards by getting a little creative with hardscape and greenscape design. Folks shouldn't limit themselves to the ground when it comes to gardening. For example, they can accessorize outdoor kitchens by adding potted plants on barbecue islands or using a vase of flowers as the centerpiece on dining sets.

Hanging gardens offer another option for seamlessly integrating plants into hardscape design. This is especially true for covered structures like roofed custom patios and gazebos. Homeowners can hang potted plants from hooks on the ceiling.

Outdoor pergolas provide the unique option of making shelter from a garden. Homeowners can guide climbing plants like grape vines and ivy between the pergola rafters. Of course, simple hanging pots can also add a bit of beauty to this hardscape structure.

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With a bit of creative thought and organization, homeowners can incorporate all the elements they want into their backyards.

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