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How To Incorporate Art Into Your Outdoor Living Space

Published Date: Sep 19, 2018

Every homeowner’s backyard is their own personal canvas and is more than just an outdoor space with some natural elements. The backyard is a space where families create lifelong memories, where homeowners entertain in style and a spot where the home, homeowners and their loved ones connect to nature.

Bringing a backyard canvas to life is half the fun in designing a new outdoor living space. Sculptures, statues, paintings and other forms of art add beauty, style and culture to an outdoor living space. Explore a variety of art that is perfectly suited for any outdoor living space.


Whether homeowners are looking to channel their inner Zen or connect with their heritage, there are plenty of statues to accommodate. When creating a Zen garden, homeowners can include a pagoda or Buddha statue into their hardscape design.

If homeowners want to bring their heritage to life in their backyard, they can include replicas of ancient statues from any culture. Pro Tip: set up a stone bench on a paver patio by the statues so homeowners and guests alike can have a private spot to meditate among their statues and the surrounding scenery in the backyard.


When it comes to home décor, paintings can really make a statement. They evoke emotion, tell extremely detailed stories and bring rooms to life. The same can be said for outdoor paintings. Adding a painting to your outdoor living space provides the same elements as a painting placed inside the living room. They can be placed over an outdoor fireplace or the interior of a covered pergola, just to name a few options.

When looking for a painting to include in an outdoor design, be sure the painting was created with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is waterproof once it dries and can withstand almost all types of weather. Outdoor paintings finished in an acrylic varnish have an additional layer of protection against poor weather conditions.

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Mosaics and Sculptures

A mosaic is a rare and treasured art piece. Handcrafted using very small pieces of colored glass, mosaics are truly a stunning form of art. These unique pieces can be incorporated into an outdoor space by way of tabletop, water feature, or even included in a paver flooring design.

Aside from statues, industrial style sculptures are also a very popular form of art for outdoor living spaces. Metal, aluminum, and iron are among the most used materials for this outdoor artform. Seeing as these materials are more industrial in nature, they often work best in contemporary or modern spaces.

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