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Artificial turf with stone pavers

How To Have A Drought Resistant Lawn

Published Date: Aug 22, 2012

In case you haven't heard, 2023 was the hottest summer recorded in the contiguous US since weather reporting started in 1880. And with this comes dryness and droughts that affect not only the vegetation along highways and byways, but quite often your very own front and back yards.

 At System Pavers, we had "hot" in mind when we created our comprehensive outdoor living systems. In addition to "hot" designs for walkways, patios, decks, BBQ stations, fire pits and more, we planned for hot weather that impacts lawns and gardens and our environment.

This is why we offer SP Turf to give a forever green touch to your landscaping with no watering required. Plus, our design expertise can help you create environmentally gardening systems that conserving nature's most precious resource, drought or no drought.

Xeriscape gardens ideally consist of stone walkways and pathways surrounded by hearty plants that thrive on drip irrigation vs. soil saturation, and raised garden beds made of stone. With paving stones, you can create tiered well-drained garden boxes connect to a central drip system, and add a water feature that recirculates existing water, adding a fresh touch to your environment without taxing any further resources.

And the drought-hearty plants for xeriscape gardens are limitless when it comes to colors, shapes and textures. With the pinks, yellow, orange and more variations of Ganzania, Mimulus, Agastache perennials and dozens of other options, you don't have to settle for a garden full of cacti to be water responsible year round.

Browse our site for ideas and book a complimentary design consultation with our experts. They'll help you decide what steps to take to turn your lawn into a beautiful, eco-friendly space for relaxing without worrying watering and maintenance.

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