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grilled turkey

How To Grill Your Turkey And Host Thanksgiving Outdoors

Published Date: Nov 9, 2023

Fall is a truly gorgeous time of year in many locations, so why stay inside to cook your Turkey Day meal? We're not talking about using a deep fryer - the method takes a lot of time and can be dangerous. Instead, use your BBQ island with built-in grill and side burners to roast your bird and all the fixings. 

The outdoor preparations

Since you're a grill master, you probably have everything you could need to conquer this meal. Make sure you have all the pots and pans necessary, as well as grill brushes and spatulas. Try to buy all the ingredients for the big day three or four days ahead of time. You may even procure a turkey a week or two beforehand to ensure you have a bird for the holiday. Speak with a local farmer to reserve one in advance or peruse the aisles at a supermarket. Be sure to thaw out a frozen turkey for 24 hours before beginning to cook or you might end up waiting long into the night for the bird to be done. Season your turkey with herbs and spices before using the rotisserie.

The turkey

The tastiest way to cook your bird outside is with a rotisserie. This amazing method turns the meat at a steady rate so every inch of your bird is browned to perfection. You'll enjoy the crispy turkey skin and juicy light and dark meat after using the rotisserie. The key to this style of roasting is seasonings. Rosemary, thyme and garlic are great options to stuff inside the bird - use fresh if you have herbs planted around your custom patio. Also consider basting the bird with a marinade made with butter and herbs or even soy sauce and sesame oil. The richness of the meat combines with the lightness of your seasonings to create the perfect holiday main dish. Provide ciabatta buns for those who want to make a sandwich and plates for others who prefer to eat it as is. 

fall table

Set the table using all of your favorite Fall accent colors

The Side dishes 

While the turkey may be the star of this Thanksgiving show, there are so many side dishes to look forward to each year. Don't worry about heading between the indoor and outdoor kitchens to keep an eye on the bird and other foods. Instead, cook it all outdoors. With a BBQ island that features side burners you can make the entire meal in one place. Add your pumpkin and sweet potato pies to the wood burning brick oven, and roast veggies in tin foil on the grill. Boil water for mashed potatoes over the power burner, or even create a shepherds pie on a cast iron skillet. 

The Beverages

There's no need to head back into the kitchen to bring beer, soda and water out to your Thanksgiving guests. Instead, opt for a beverage center in your BBQ island. You can choose a mini fridge or wine fridge to suit your needs and keep everything cool and at hand. Plus, add a kegerator if you're planning a get-together that requires large amounts of beer or soda. This makes it super easy to use the tap and serve all your guests. 

nice patio

The Feast

Now that the hard work is done, gather those you love to dish out food and enjoy. Host everyone at a long table on your custom patio, or gather around the outdoor fireplace in a more casual manner to mingle among friends. Consider using drop-friendly dishware just in case the hustle and bustle leads to an accident. Brew some coffee to enjoy with dessert and finish the day not with manually doing the dishes and cleanup but letting the dishwasher take care of it for you. You've got tasty leftovers to look forward to and enjoy in your beautiful backyard!

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