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How To Glamorize Your Storage Shed

Published Date: Sep 6, 2016

The shed: a standalone storage unit taking up space in the backyard. Used for housing bikes the kids don't ride anymore and tools for those dreaded outdoor chores. In theory, it sounds awful; and a shed shouldn't be bringing down the relaxation vibes of your backyard. Here at System Pavers, we've been getting quite a few requests from homeowners to incorporate paver pathways to their storage shed in their outdoor remodel design. There are several ways to ensure your shed is ready and looking good for when your hardscape project is complete, and they all depend on what space and material you have available in your outdoor living space. Overall, don't think of your shed as a necessary evil. You have plenty of opportunities to incorporate it seamlessly into the backyard. Take paver design, for example. If you already have a beautiful custom patio, extend it with a stone paver path to the shed.

Now, you'll want to make sure that new paver path leads to something awesome. A few property owners have managed to create some seriously upscale sheds, like these ones that are featured on Houzz. However, you don't have to entirely reconstruct your shed to make it a bit more glamorous. For instance, consider building on a comfy chair or setting up a nice sound system capable of withstanding the weather. If you have the plumbing gear, installing a shed sink not only adds an aesthetic touch, but it's also great when you need to wash your hands after working in the garden.

Open your doors to a more glamorous storage shed.

That said, you don't need a path stretching across the yard to incorporate pavers with your shed. Houzz highlighted several creative "She Sheds," or storage spaces made just for the ladies for the house that are right off your home's back door. Some of the women even turned these spaces into small living quarters with a homey touch: a front patio. That's right, you can create a mini home out of your shed by dressing up the inside and laying stone pavers abutting the front entry. You know what they say - go big or go home! Be sure these stone pavers correspond with the ones used for other surfaces around your home, whether you have a paver driveway, walkway or patio.

You can also dress up your shed based on a certain theme. For instance, homeowners with a green thumb who use this storage space to stock pots and rakes can channel a garden tea party theme. Line the outer sides of the shed with tulips and hardscape features like a bird bath or water fountain. For the man-cave atmosphere, surround the shed with speakers or place a TV inside of it. Really, the sky is the limit.

Of course, your shed doesn't have to be the focal point of your backyard. If you're not trying to dress is up, just put it in the corner of your backyard. True, every detail matters when making a unique outdoor living space, so don't neglect the storage unit altogether. However, putting it in the corner and surrounding it with a few hardscape features or even on the other side of the retaining wall can limit its influence on the backyard.

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