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How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Bar

Published Date: Aug 5, 2018

One of the perks of living in a home with a great outdoor living space is having a place to enjoy ample time outdoors with friends and family. There’s something special and more intimate about a gathering at home. Guests feel more relaxed, homeowners are in their element while hosting, and everyone can just kick back with a drink and enjoy the beautiful weather. Those who love having cocktails with friends and family may want to consider the idea of creating the ultimate backyard bar. With a luxurious and classy backyard bar, it’s easy to skip the crowds and opt for a more private gathering.

The Ultimate Setup

Whether your outdoor space boasts a grandiose outdoor kitchen or smaller built in BBQ island, there’s plenty of opportunity to setup a backyard bar at both. Outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands alike can have a wine and drink fridge built directly into them. This makes constant trips inside to get a refreshment a thing of the past. Larger outdoor kitchen designs can even have their own kegerator built right into the bar.

Having an outdoor drink fridge also makes life easier for the host, as they won’t have to bother themselves with constantly taking everyone’s drinks inside for a refill. When the bar AND the party are outdoors, everyone can get their own beer or make their own mixed drinks!

Grow a Cocktail Garden

How incredible would it be to have a cocktail garden in the backyard? Imagine sipping strawberry daiquiris or lavender lemonade mojitos infused with fresh fruits and herbs from your growing garden. Better yet, how fun would it be to have friends over for a mixology party and allow them to pluck fresh herbs from the garden for their own cocktails!

lavender lemonade mojito is also very easy to make. All it requires is fresh lemon and lime juice, mint, rum and lavender syrup. With fresh lemon, lime and mint from the yard, guests can watch as the host prepares fresh mojitos for everyone!

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Ambiance & Entertainment

Now that the bar setup and cocktail menu are finalized, it’s time to think about ambiance and entertainment.

Adding in ambient outdoor lighting around not only your backyard bar, but the entire outdoor living space will bring any outdoor gathering to life after dusk. Be sure to include some plush outdoor furniture for guests to lounge on. A hammock is also a great option to help homeowners and guests alike feel like they’re on a mini tropical vacation while they sip their daquiris.

No bar would be complete without some music and a few games. with a pergola covering the back patio are ideal, as outdoor speakers and sound systems can be set up underneath.

For outdoor games, cornhole and Jenga are two great options. Both games are easy and fun to play, yet both have a slightly competitive edge to keep the evening exciting. Homeowners can setup Cornhole on the paver patio while Jenga should be set up on artificial turf.

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A backyard bar is so much better than any overcrowded establishment in the city. Homeowners can create their own little oasis in the backyard, where they’ll be able to enjoy fresh cocktails, listen to their favorite music and play games with friends and family!

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