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cleaning pavers

How To Clean Paving Stone Surfaces

Published Date: Jun 27, 2022

Pavers are a fantastic way to add beauty and value to practically any outdoor space. From walkwaysdriveways, and patios to poolside surfaces and family retreats in the backyard, paving stones are as durable as they are beautiful. Now just because pavers are naturally beautiful and low maintenance, doesn’t mean you may not want to clean them every once in a while. This will help make sure those well-crafted stones maintain that same stunning look that you originally fell in love with in the first place. To get the job done, you’ll just need some Simple Green non-toxic cleaner and degreaser, and a semi-soft bristle push broom.

Preparing Pavers for Cleaning

To make things easier on yourself, you’ll want to start by removing any furniture and potted plants that stand in the way of being able to clean the pavers underneath. Next, spray down the pavers with a high-pressure hose (not a power washer. This avoids the pavers collecting film on top and leaving a residue behind after they’ve been cleaned. Be mindful that you won’t need to soak the pavers completely. You just want to be sure all the dust and dirt buildup that collects on them has been removed.

clean pavers vs dirty pavers

Properly Cleaning Pavers

Now, you’re ready to start cleaning. Per the Simple Green website, you’ll want to mix one cup of water for every ounce of Simple Green being used. PRO TIP: Don’t forget to spot test the mixed solution in a hidden area PRIOR to cleaning the entire surface. Next, pour the solution over the pavers and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Depending on the current state of your pavers, you’ll either scrub the pavers or simply rinse them after you’ve waited the two minutes. If you end up using your push broom, be sure to scrub lightly, and in different directions. You don’t want to overdo it and accidentally scratch the pavers. Lastly, spray down the area with a hose and allow it to dry.

What to Avoid

Scrubbing the pavers down with a wire brush. A wire brush can scratch pavers and remove the sand that interlocks them. Also, don’t use a power washer to clean the area. Again, you may inadvertently remove the interlocking sand.

bench on pavers

You’re All Set!

Now that your pavers are clean and have regained their brilliance, your patio, walkway, or driveway is ready to resume normal use!

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