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How To Choose The Right Size BBQ Island

Published Date: Sep 10, 2023

Creating a kitchen for use outdoors can easily be achieved with the right BBQ island design, but there are several types on the market, and choosing one might seem overwhelming. Knowing what your options are can go a long way toward choosing the island that is right for your cooking and entertaining needs.

Straight BBQ Island

If you have an outdoor space that is smaller than average, a straight BBQ island is often the best choice. These islands can fit into small spaces, yet offer a lot of versatility while grilling up your favorite meals. This style island is ideal for areas which will have a single cook and include a cook-top, sink, and storage room. The most common size of the straight island will typically include a 32 inch grill and can also be equipped with 21” sink and storage.

L-Shaped BBQ Island

Those who have a bit more space to work with will find that an L-shaped BBQ island grill can be an excellent option. This work-space is large enough for two cooks to work at the same time. With an L-shaped BBQ island, adding in a refrigerator, a sink and primary storage area of 36” is easily achievable. Plus, with an additional 72, you can add in a trash shoot, additional storage or a built in wine cooler. With it’s L-shape, this island also accommodates additional bar seating for added outdoor entertaining 16 linear feet of counter space for all your serving needs.

bbq island with sunset view

U-Shaped BBQ Island

If you have a larger space without limitations, a U-shaped BBQ island grill is going to be our best recommendation. This island gives you an outstanding 156” of counter space and occupies up 20 linear feet of space in total. This island is large enough to have multiple cooks without anyone getting in each others way. If the size of your outdoor space permits it, this island can be a great choice. Those who do a lot of grilling outdoors will have all the same amenities of a medium-sized kitchen but outside in the open air.

u-shaped outdoor kitchen

BBQ Island Utility Options

One of the exceptional things about BBQ grill islands is that they can be customized to offer the utilities that matter the most to you. There are different grill sizes to choose from ranging from 26” to 32”, 36”, and even 44” (for those true grill masters). There are a variety of burners that can be added including single burners, dual burners, or wok burners. Other options that can be added based on your needs include kegerators, beverage centers, wine refrigerators, and mini-fridges. You can have a towel rack for easy cleanup, a dishwasher, a trash shoot, and a single or dual-sided sink. It all depends on your unique needs and what your goals are for your outdoor kitchen space.

bbq with mountain view

Zoning Considerations

Zoning is something that should be considered with any new BBQ island project. There are four main zones to cover including the prep zone, cooking zone, serving zone, and cleanup zone. The prep zone is the area with a counter-top, trash, sink, and storage space. Some people may be fine with less storage if the plan is to primarily keep items in the indoor kitchen. The cooking zone is an important part of the island and includes grilling space, extra burners, smokers, and pizza ovens. The cleanup zone is where you find a sink, trash, garbage disposal, and hot water. Finally, there is a serving zone which is away from the heat and smoke for all your entertaining.

Think about what you need to cook and entertain and what sort of space you are working with. There’s an island out there that will be perfect for your needs!

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