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paver patio, pergola, and square fire pit

How To Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life For Winter

Published Date: Nov 28, 2018

Winter weather may slowly be creeping its way in, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up living outdoors. With the right preparation for your outdoor space, Winter won’t have to turn into that season where the backdoor is never opened, and no one steps onto the porch or in the yard. Here’s how to get your outdoor space ready for the chilly winter months ahead:

Include Winter Elements

Anyone who wants to “winter-proof” their outdoor space should consider the benefits of having a covered pergola. It is truly useful all year, but especially so during the winter months. It provides a little haven from chilly weather and when accompanied by an outdoor fireplace, it can act as a secondary living area for entertaining friends and family.

As mentioned, another key element in winterizing your outdoor space is the inclusion of a custom fire element. Fire pits, fire bowls and built-in outdoor fireplaces are ideal for adding a sense of warmth while encouraging interaction outside. Instead of hunkering down inside, people will be eager to sit by the fire and socialize while sipping on some hot cocoa.

Given the shorter days, adding in some energy efficient outdoor lighting can also be useful for the winter. With the space well lit, the outdoor hangout can easily go well past sunset.

nice patio with pergola

Get the Right Outdoor Furniture

Weatherproof furniture is useful for a variety of reasons. Reading a book outdoors, entertaining friends outdoors, enjoying a glass of wine with your spouse outdoors – surely you get the idea.

Waterproof cushions and furniture made of wicker, stained wood, or heavy-duty plastic are ideal for the winter season. Even if it rained earlier in the day, a quick wipe down is all that is needed before sitting down and relaxing on these types of materials.

Regular furniture can also be useful still. Simply place it in the section of the patio that is covered by the pergola. PRO TIP: Adding a few cushions and blankets to any outdoor furniture setups during winter can help, even when the fireplace is on.

Line up Plenty of Activities

Some people question what they can do outdoors during the winter. And the answer is almost everything that is done during the rest of the year!

Outdoor cooking and dining is a great experience in the winter, especially while the sun is shining. A modern built-in grill with side burners can be used for making just about anything you’d make at your indoor kitchen - steaks, burgers, chicken, turkey, and fish. The side burners are ideal for roasting vegetables or heating up side dishes.

built-in grill

Invest in a few thermoses for storing warm drinks or prepare them on your side burners. Some easy, delicious winter drinks that are easy to make outdoors include mulled wine, hot buttered rum and hot cocoa for the little ones of course. As the temperature drops, the fireplace is turned on, and everyone will be having a merry time!

If the yard happens to include artificial turf, playing games such as cornhole, bacci ball or mini golf can be a lot of fun in the winter. Everyone will have a great time bundled up in beanies and boots while enjoying some friendly competition.

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