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Hot Tips For Solo Stove Safety On Patios And Decks

Published Date: Feb 2, 2023

Got a Solo Stove? If so, you know there’s nothing better than cozying up outside around a crackling, smoke-free fire. Sleek and stylish, these modern masterpieces were built for stress-free outdoor entertaining. However, the last thing you want on your mind are fears of scorching your patio or deck.

Before you get fired up, check out these quick tips to ensure you’re using your Solo stove on any outdoor surface safely.

Start with that Stand

Your Solo stove comes with a custom-fitted stand, and for good reason. Made of 304 stainless-steel with holes that radiate residual heat, the stand prevents your deck or patio from damage or scorch marks. Designed to stow neatly away in your fire pit, your stand is ready for use at a moment’s notice. Make the most of it!

For extra peace of mind, you can also place a heat resistant fire pit mat under your stove. This adds a layer of protection from sparks or errant flaming marshmallows.

Know Your Foundation

Your Solo Stove can be enjoyed on a variety of outdoor surfaces by simply using the commonsense precautions below:

Wood, Composite or PVC Decking

  • Stand is always required

  • A fire pit mat will add extra protection

  • Place stand on a layer of pavers if you plan on burning more than 1–2 hours

Paving Stones or Pavers

  • Stand is recommended to prevent scorch marks

  • Use a fire pit mat for extra protection

Green Grass or Turf

  • Use a stand to prevent burning


  • Use a stand to prevent obstructing lower vent holes

Concrete or Pavement

  • Use a stand if burning more than 3-4 hours

  • Use a stand on all painted, stamped, or stained concrete finishes

Stones or Gravel

  • Use a stand to prevent scorching (if that’s a concern)


  • No stand needed if you clear away dry debris before lighting

Now that you know how and where to use your Solo stove safely, you’re all set. Grab some s'mores supplies, a few friends, and start lighting things up in total confidence!

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