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pavers with fire pit

Holiday Romance And Festive Cheer

Published Date: Dec 2, 2014

When we think about romantic nights during the winter holidays, we often think of an elegantly decorated hearth, fire crackling behind colorful stockings, noses pressed against frosted windows with snow softly piling up on the other side. We can see the candles on the table, a Nativity set on the credenza, glowing red ornaments hanging on the freshly cut tree, and ourselves cuddled up with a loved one, sipping hot wassail, and exchanging gifts. Today, our holiday romance can be so much more than a repeat of what our ancestors have enjoyed since Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” debuted. With all the progression of outdoor living systems technology, we can take the best of Holiday memories up a notch and create new traditions that will last a few more generations. No matter where you live, warm, cold or even frigid climates, you can create holiday romance outside your back door spontaneously, or with just a little planning ahead. Some ideas: Focus on your fire pit: Grab your dutch oven pot, fill it with pineapple, orange and apple juices, a few cinnamon sticks and a sprinkling of whole cloves and put it on your fire pit set for a low flame. Not only will you have a delicious warm drink while snuggling with loved ones, you will have a wonderful aroma mixed with fresh air that can’t be matched inside. When you’re done with your hot drinks, throw some cinnamon-coated pinecones into your natural flames, or place in a pot with a little bit of water and simmer to get a crackling fire that smells festive too. Bring on the Bling: Who says only indoor trees are for decorating? Pick up some shatterproof ornaments and hang with twine in your trees. Orange trees, Manzanita trees, pine, juniper or aspen trees, and even lilac bushes. No matter where you live your trees and shrubs will come alive during the holidays with light reflecting ornaments that shimmer in the sunlight or firelight. Share It Forward: Christmas birds are not just the paper mache ones glued to dusty pine cones that you put on your tree. You can invite real ones to share your outside Holiday setting with a simple pinecone treat. Roll pinecones in peanut butter. Then roll them in birdseed and place gently on tree and shrub branches, on retaining walls, patio railings - anywhere birds are likely to hover in your yard. Enjoy watching them enjoy this easy to make treat while you enjoy your hot wassail or dinner outside under the stars. Create holiday romance in your backyard this season with these simple ideas, and then top it off with your favorite Christmas carols playing softly in the background. From your snow-covered rocks. Today’s technology lets you play your favorite play lists from your mobile device, or connect outdoor speakers to your indoor stereo easily and safely. And disguise the speakers in shells that look exactly like the natural rocks in your yard. Perfect for not ruining the ambiance of a natural, old-fashioned Christmas. There is really nothing warm and cozy you enjoy inside during the winter that you can’t do outside with outdoor living technologies available today. And with the outdoor fireplace styles available today, you might even catch Santa going down the stone chimney next to your pool instead of the one next to your armoire inside!

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