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Gladiolus – The Flower Of August

Published Date: Aug 4, 2015

With a name deriving from the Latin word for “sword,” it’s no surprise that the gladiolus has such a striking appearance. The flower of August comes in a wide variety of colors and grows with numerous buds on lengthy, narrow stems, making it an incredible addition to gardens as well as floral arrangements of all kinds. Gardeners who want to make a big impact have many reasons to include the gladiolus in their outdoor spaces, whether they opt for rich purple variants, bold oranges, and yellows, or pristine whites. Additionally, the loveliness of these blooms is complemented by a rich symbolic history that stretches all the way back into antiquity!

On the most basic level, the gladiolus represents calmness and integrity. Those who count this as their birth flower can rest assured that this is a flower that proves they are an individual with great strength of mind! However, its long history has also given the gladiolus numerous other meanings as well. When it comes to love, the gladiolus is a symbol of infatuation, a facet that comes from the imagery of these long, blade-like stems piercing the receiver’s heart with passion. This makes it the perfect bloom for those looking to communicate a message that says, “I really, really like you!” Finally, gladiolus carries the message of faithfulness and remembrance, a factor that makes it a great flower for memorializing those in your life who are most important to you.

Their wide variety of colors makes the gladiolus a perfect flower for virtually any garden, whether you enjoy a space filled with whimsically colored blooms or prefer a garden that is a little more pristine. They prefer sunny locations, so be sure to reserve them for the brighter spots in your garden to ensure they thrive.


If you don’t already have them in your garden, it is too late to plant gladiolus – they should be planted in the early spring, as soon as you can work in the soil. However, if you do already have gladiolus in your garden, be sure that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that they bloom as bright and beautiful next year as they did this season! Things to do in the summer include watering them regularly, when rainfall is less than an inch, removing any weeds from around their roots, and cutting back their stalks once their blooms have begun to fade. About six weeks after the flowers have faded, you can remove the corms from the ground and put them in storage over the winter to keep them in the best condition possible for next year.

Even if you don’t have them in your garden now, you can still find beautiful gladiolus stems at your local florists for decorating your outdoor spaces. Their long stems make them a great addition to floral arrangements of many different styles. Use them alone in tall vases, or use them as a backdrop for other floral sprays to create an arrangement that sparks with visual interest. The beautiful gladiolus is sure to become a favorite once you integrate it into your garden and your displays!

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