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large paver driveway

First Impressions: Wow Your Neighbors With A Fabulous Front Yard

Published Date: Feb 19, 2017

When you're walking your dog through the neighborhood with your little ones, which homes draw your attention most? What is it about that house on the corner that makes you want to meet the owners or better yet, move in yourself? Seeing as you're only granted a front yard view, it's safe to say where the love at first sight feelings come from. Nothing says "welcome home" quite like a beautiful front yard. While your backyard surely has plenty of features that facilitate fun, like a BBQ island and a fire pit, the other side of your home should focus on both function and great aesthetics. Because first impressions matter, after all. Your front yard should always look well-kept and inviting to encourage visits from the neighbors and let your them know you care about the image of the community you share. For example, let's start with an old, cracked cement driveway. It hardly allows your kids to ride their tricycles or the neighborhood kids to shoot hoops on Sundays. Old driveways are not just unsightly - they can be dangerous. Just imagine what would happen if a little one tripped on bulging, jagged concrete as they went for a slam dunk! Consider replacing a driveway that isn't in great shape with a professional driveway paver installation. These natural stones withstand a lifetime of traffic, from RVs and SUVs to dog paws and ATVs. Whether exposed to hot sunny days or snowy winter conditions, these pavers will hold up and look good in all weather. Every time you and your neighbors drive home from work or walk home after an evening stroll, you'll all love the curb appeal these interlocking pavers add.

Walkway pavers encourage flow from the driveway to your front door.

Next, you'll want to consider that front yard walkway. Ditch the concrete block path and opt for the beauty of a paver walkway to match the driveway. If your garage is attached to your home, you'll want a pathway between the driveway and your front door to guide guests inside. For those with detached garages, a walkway offers an easy way to transfer those heavy groceries from the car to your kitchen. Walkway pavers can match your driveway with the same stones and style, improving your home's curb appeal and adding to the overall charm. 

And don't forget the mailbox. A dinky old container on a wooden post will stick out like a sore thumb compared to your high-quality pavers and beautiful softscaping?. Add an architectural mailbox made out of stone so it complements your driveway and overall front yard look. Not only is this feature an upgrade in the aesthetics department, it's also more secure. Homeowners love that stone mailboxes better withstand the weather and protect their mail. 

Now if you really want to wow the neighborhood, a water feature is another great idea. You could install a natural stone one, like a beautiful waterfall that creates wonderful sound and adds some flair to the outdoor space. Place one amid your steppe softscaping, just beyond the retaining walls to draw attention to the center area. Then, plant gorgeous annuals and perennials around it to really complete the look. The retaining wall will add interest to what would otherwise be a hill or a flat space and create the perfect environment for a beautiful garden.

paver driveway

Add outdoor lighting to illuminate your driveway and front steps after dark.

Don't forget to add outdoor lighting to your front yard, too. There are the practical benefits, like illuminating your driveway to make it easy to park at night and play basketball or catch after dark. But adding a light to your mailbox pillar or including lighting near your water feature and retaining walls to highlight your garden adds an entirely new - and absolutely stunning - dimension to your space.

With these changes, your front yard will soon make your home the one everyone says they want to live in as they pass by.

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