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Father's Day Ideas For The Outdoor Dad

Published Date: Jun 13, 2016

Father's Day has roots dating all the way back to 1910, when a daughter wanted to recognize the efforts of her dad, a Civil War veteran. The holiday has always remained a time to honor the big guy in our lives who picked us up when we fell and cracked a corny joke at an inappropriate time. Today, though, the role of dads has evolved so much that there are numerous ways to celebrate. It just all depends on your family's personality! So ditch the No. 1 dad mugs for something a little more creative this year with these Father's Day gift ideas:

The golfer If your dad frequently goes on golf outings with his buddies and even wakes up at the crack of dawn for tee-off time, consider getting him a gift that taps into this hobby. You can go in with a big ticket item like a new golf bag or a GPS rangefinder watch that gives your dad a bird's-eye view of the course right on his wrist. Otherwise, collect several smaller items in a bucket as a gift basket. Throw in a few golf balls, a polo shirt to wear on the course and some gloves.

You can always just create your own course on your lawn, which is especially easy if you have artificial grass. Just add a bit of putting green to the yard for some at-home fun!

For a dad who likes to golf, set up a mini course in your backyard.

The griller Nothing beats the smell of steaks sizzling on the barbecue island during the summer months, so give your dad a reason to grill with your Father's Day present. You can arrange something like the manly gift bucket featured on Dukes and Duchesses with various tools and spatulas topped with bungee cords as ribbons.

To add convenience to your dad's grilling experience, consider getting him a barbecue accessory organizer. These cool tools attach to the grill and feature a rod to hold a paper towel roll, hooks for spatulas and other utensils and a small shelf so your dad has the right sauces on hand to make the perfect rack of ribs.

The carpenter If your dad can fix any leaky sink, busted door, hole in the wall or broken item you throw his way, make sure he has the right equipment for the job. You can go with a traditional tool kit, stocking a bright red box with screw drivers, wrenches and nails, or you can opt for a more crafty twist by decorating your own hammer. Simply sand down the wood, get creative with permanent markers and acrylic paint, and seal the artwork with a clear coat of spray paint or Mod Podge!

"Opt for a more crafty twist by decorating your own hammer."

The camper There are plenty of Father's Day gift ideas for the survivalist dad. While you can get him a new tent, griddle station or backpack, why not take him on your very own camping trip? In fact, you can do it right in the backyard for a low-maintenance staycation.

This is especially fun for little kids to participate in. Pitch a tent out back for a family slumber party, get the flames going in the outdoor fire pit and string lights in the trees to get that starry sky feel! And the best part is, if it gets cold or starts to rain, you can all head inside to your warm beds.

The fisherman Many folks have fond memories of standing out by the lake amid the afternoon sun with their dads, reeling in their very first fish. Keep that ritual alive by getting your father some fishing gear.

Boating magazine suggested getting boatmen-dads plenty of lures, a sun hat, a collapsible chair or sandals. You might also gift a waterproof camera so your dad can prove he did indeed catch a fish as big as he is tall! On the other hand, you might just let him continue filling in those details on his own. For smaller presents, collect them in a tackle box as a creative way to package them.

fishing with son

For a dad who likes a little bit of everything, just spend time being together. Fire up the grill, play outdoor games, listen to some music and make new memories. 

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