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Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Yard

Published Date: Sep 22, 2015

fall outdoor decor

Show your appreciation for autumn by breaking out the decorations, inside and outside the house. Lawn ornaments and other embellishments are a wonderful way to spruce up your space and get people excited for the fall holidays. Be the envy of all your neighbors this year with some of these outdoor decoration ideas: Entryway Nothing says fall quite like a big pumpkin sitting on your doorstep. Frame the entryway this year with traditional orange pumpkins, starting at the bottom of your front steps and working your way up. Round out the look with a couple other decorations, like a homemade scarecrow to the side of the stoop and a wreath hung on the front of the door.

Wreaths are a quick and easy way to enhance your seasonal curb appeal. You could probably use three different versions of this decoration around your house. The first one is naturally going to be hung on the front door - wreaths made of fall-colored leaves and flowers are always a good option. You can place the second one on the back door and the third one on the mailbox. People sometimes forget to decorate fixtures at the edge of their property, but adding a wreath to the mailbox will enhance the area that is often overlooked.

If you want to switch up the decor as the season nears Halloween, try replacing the wreath with a witch's hat.

outdoor fireplace
pumpkins and lantern

Outdoor Fireplace

The entryway isn't the only area these decorative squashes can be placed, though. Get creative with your pumpkin and gourd use by finding alternative placement options. For instance, Outdoor fireplaces also support fall decorations. Line the top of the mantle with a variety of pumpkin sizes. Enhance the setting by placing rustic lanterns on the ends or center of the mantle.

Gourds can also lend a seasonal touch to your yard. Set a few on top of the mantle surrounded by a garland and pinecones. To create a little centerpiece for the top of the fireplace, find a few small vases or a large bowl and fill them with a variety of items, like cinnamon sticks, acorns, twigs and pinecones. The containers will break up a straight line of pumpkins or gourds nicely, and if you want to fill the air with fall scents, you can grab a handful of cinnamon sticks and pinecones to toss into the fireplace. 

pergola decor

Pergolas The days will soon be getting shorter, which means you're going to need to set up some extra lighting. For the backyard, weave globe lights through the roof of a pergola to illuminate the seating area. Don't stop there, though. Complete the look by wrapping fall-inspired garlands along the pergola's pillars and hanging a chandelier adorned with mini pumpkins and fall leaves.

Using a spotlight is another outdoor lighting design idea you can implement. This option will work particularly well with decorations because you can set up the light to shine directly on it. For example, locate a large stone pot holder and fill it with a bouquet of fall-colored flowers and leaves, then set the light up underneath. The spotlight will cast a warm, yellow glow onto the plants to enhance their already-vibrant colors. It'll be a nice addition to a walkway that will have people taking a moment to appreciate the look you've created. 

If you have pathways leading up to your pergola or other parts of the yard, install lights so you and your guests can take a nighttime stroll. To insert a little more of the fall feeling into this look, intersperse the walk lights with carved pumpkins sporting an electric candle or mini lanterns.

You can add other outdoor decorations to your yard, but these ideas are effective for creating a welcoming fall ambiance. Your guests will love these yard ornaments, and your decorating efforts may even encourage other neighbors to join you in the fall spirit by adding their own adornments.

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