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couple sitting on a stone wall

Everyday Celebrations Of Love

Published Date: Feb 11, 2013

You don't have to be in Loveland, Georgia Valentine, Texas or Romance, Arkansas to have a memorable Valentine's Day. Nor do you need any of the $448 million dollars worth of candy purchased in the U.S. the week before Valentine's Day. And you don't need to scramble to book a reservation at a romantic restaurant across town to celebrate love with your valentine. The most memorable celebrations of love often come from the quiet moments at home, alone with a loved one, in a setting that is privately yours.

With today's outdoor living products, all the aspects of the "perfect" romantic setting can be part of your celebration at home. You can hold hands by a warm fire pit, sip wine as you unwind to the tranquil flow of a water feature, and whisper sweet nothings as you listen to your favorite "mood" music from your outdoor speakers.

couple on patio at night

For that "surprise" element of romance, place roses throughout your yard, hang chocolate hearts from your shrubs and trees, or create a trail of conversation sweetheart candy from one romantic spot to another.

Most of all, don't let Valentine's Day be just one day that is repeated once a year. Romantic days and nights at home can happen all the time with the one you love, in a place you love: your home's own outdoor spaces.

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