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Elements To Consider When Creating A Dog-Friendly Hardscape

Published Date: Aug 19, 2018

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. Dogs are loving, caring pets who are devoted to their owners and the owner’s family. Living with a dog does require some consideration, especially when it comes to outdoor space that will accommodate a furry friend. Homeowners will, of course, need to ensure their backyard is as “dog-friendly” as possible. Here are some tips on creating a dog-friendly hardscape in the backyard, while maintaining desired the aesthetic and functionality:

1. Pet-Friendly Turf

Grass is often the enemy when it comes to owning a dog. These animals love to use the restroom on grass, which can create an issue. It results in unpleasant odors and causes a headache of upkeep for the homeowner. A long-term, worthy solution- switching to artificial turf. Not only is artificial turf eco-friendly, but it will certainly help with pet issues. SP Turf has an antimicrobial infill to ensure bacteria, mold, and mildew remain at bay.

No dog will get sick from spending time on artificial turf, and it also helps minimize the presence of fleas and ticks. Pet waste does not create any damage to the turf since every System Pavers turf install comes with an appropriate drainage system. This allows dog urine will flow through the turf and is drained away from the house.

2. Setting Up a Pergola

Having a pergola right above the front or back porch is a wonderful way to create a pet-friendly environment for all seasons. Setting up the pergola creates a comfortable, shaded space for pets to relax. Homeowners can even set up a specific area designated for their dogs. They will love having their own little space to lie down and take in the outdoors. If homeowners plan on keeping their furry friends outdoors, leaving food and water underneath the pergola is a perfect option.

dog on grass

3. Walls and Lighting

retaining wall is not a huge concern for homeowners when they live in a safe neighborhood. The family next door getting a glimpse into the yard is no big deal! But when a dog is part of the equation, a retaining wall is always necessary.

First things first, the wall should be tall enough so the dog can’t jump over it and get out. Homeowners shouldn’t worry about how a wall would harm the aesthetic of the yard. There are many stone colors available to accommodate every home style.

Energy efficient outdoor lighting is another key element when creating a dog-friendly outdoor living space. There should be enough lighting installed so the entire yard is visible at night when required. The lights don’t need to be on all the time but will definitely come in handy when taking your furry friend out to the restroom at night or when they don’t want to come inside once it gets dark out.

At the end of the day, our dogs are our best friends and family members. Creating a space that the homeowner loves and the dog thoroughly enjoys as well is a win-win for everyone.

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