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Dream Up Some Fun Ideas For Your Yard

Published Date: Jul 21, 2014

Photo credit: MentalFloss.com 

If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney Disneyland was truly Walt’s backyard. Not only did Walt Disney dream it, he built it. What do you dream of when it comes to escaping to your own backyard resort? For some, it might be a chessboard patio made of stone, a Sorry game surface with three-feet high game pieces, or a Candy Land garden consisting of colored stones and bright pathways. Another do-able dream any gardener can build is a maze, using boxwood shrubs, it’s a great look while they are small and fun for years to come as they mature. Wanna make your favorite Disney theme come alive at home? Its easier than you think to create an ‘Aladdin’ style tent area out of pergolas, complete with fun rugs and cushions for lounging. Or a tree house or pirate nook out of wooden beams, a flag pole, hanging lanterns, bird cages, and a hammock. And for one System Pavers' customer, it was a regulation-size basketball key court made of paving stones in the middle of a forested back yard! You’re only limited by your imagination and a dream! Building a dream doesn't have to be intimidating. Just keep dreaming and let an expert help you plan out the details, one step at a time.

basketball court

Photo credit: CasaSugar.com

Here’s a short guide to get you started: 1. Focus on your priorities. At this point of your life, what are you likely to enjoy or use the most? • Is it playground for kids or grandkids? • Craving a touch of those exotic Caribbean resorts with pool side bars? 2. Find similar projects or pictures that exemplify what you envision: • Online searches are a great place to start by literally Googling your dreams. • Just driving around to see what is happening in some of your favorite neighborhoods can get the creative juices going. • You can always browse our award-winning gallery at SystemPavers.com as well. 3. Lay it out on paper – a landscape design of your own dreaming. • You can use a professional or just get some paper and start drawing your dreams. • Visually you’ll get an idea of what works and what doesn't before spending the big bucks to dig up your yard. • Landscape designers can provide renderings to give you a precise preview of your new yard. Some charge a fee, however, System Pavers always does this for free. Whether you dream with your eyes wide open or closed in the depths of slumber, just keep dreaming, and planning at the same time. With a little imagination and guidance from experts, it can all come to life in a matter of days!

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