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long paver driveway

Don't Fret At Sunset - Spend More Time Outside After Dark

Published Date: Sep 14, 2014

Guest Writer: Kyrin Sowah

The end of Daylight Savings is nearly a month away. Starting November 2, 2014, the sun will set and the time will fall back giving us early sunsets. This may not be good news for everyone, but fortunately there is a solution. Outdoor Lighting is a great way to hold on to that last hour of daylight while showcasing the beauty of your home after dark. Adding landscape lighting in your favorite areas outdoors can help extend your hours outside to enjoy more cups of tea in your favorite lounge chair or more time with friends and family by the grill for some late night treats. Who knew outdoor lighting could add so much life to your yard? Not only will outdoor lightening grant you the freedom to stay outside longer, it will also accentuate the beauty of your home’s architecture, walkways and landscaping for you and your neighbors to enjoy. So don’t fret when the sun sets - your outdoor enjoyment just got better. You don’t even have to wait for Daylight Savings to end.

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