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Don’t Forget The Sides!

Published Date: Jul 16, 2013

When it comes to preparing the perfect dinner for friends or family, we not only put some effort into picking and preparing the entrée, but also fabulous side dishes that help round out a balanced meal. And yet, when many homeowners labor for months planning their perfect outdoor oasis with water features, garden rooms, and quiet little getaway corners amidst the flowers and other foliage, they forget the side yards. In a way, it’s like serving burgers without the fries.

Side yards are an important part of a home’s overall character and function and can create practical yard spaces or even more cozy living areas for relaxing and retreating after a long day’s work. But all too often, homeowners fill these spaces with trash cans, old garden hoses and throw away tools, lawn clippings or dog kennels, while completely ignoring the way they look and live under the illusion that everyone else that sees your home will ignore them too. Not happening.

While you might still need the spaces for trash cans, dog runs, and storage beyond your garage, you can quickly and easily clean them up. It doesn’t take any more effort on your part to have those spaces covered with paving stones; put in a capri garden wall so you can hide those extra bags of fertilizer or unruly lawn hoses from view, or put a small wooden fence on top of a stone retaining wall that separates these spaces from your main yard.

stone pillar

There are many options, ideas, and styles to create a cohesive look throughout your outdoor space. So this summer when you start thinking of all the new plans for next summer, don’t just think about the main dish, or yard area, think of all the sides too. You’ll be surprised how easy, affordable and functional these extras can be.

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