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Outdoor kitchen with paving stone walkway installed by System Pavers in Arizona

Drought-Resistant Landscaping & Hardscapes for Arizona Homes

Published Date: May 30, 2024

Creating Your Own Oasis In The Desert

There’s a lot to love about Arizona’s unique desert lifestyle – breathtaking sunsets, stunning vistas, and of course, our mild winters! However, sizzling hot summers can be a little harder to love. Water shortages and scorching heat can pose significant challenges for Arizona homeowners. Whether you live within Phoenix’s bustling urban center, a suburb like Gilbert or Scottsdale or in a more rural setting, System Pavers is here to help you maintain a beautifully functional outdoor space. We rounded up these tips to help you create and enjoy a sustainable yard that’s perfectly suited to the Phoenix-area’s desert climate.

Embrace Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Homeowners in Arizona are no strangers to the importance of water conservation. With ongoing droughts and water restrictions, turning your yard into a water-efficient landscape isn’t just environmentally responsible. It’s economically smart!

Here are key elements to consider in creating your water-friendly yard in Arizona:

Xeriscaping Marks the Spot

Designed especially for arid climates, xeriscaping is a landscaping method that emphasizes the use of native and drought-tolerant plants. For a hardy yard that can survive our harsh desert environment, choose plants such as agave, yucca, and desert marigold. This can help reduce your water consumption significantly while adding vibrant colors and textures to your yard.

Turf and hardscape with landscaped bushes in Arizona

Make the Most of Mulch

You can help protect your soil, regulate temperature, and conserve water by using organic mulch around your plants. Mulch acts as a natural protective barrier in keeping roots cool and hydrated, even during Arizona’s hottest days.

Take the Easy Road with Hardscape

Landscaping goes beyond choosing desert-friendly plants. Incorporating the right hardscape elements can go far in enhancing the functionality of your outdoor space.

These ideas work particularly well in areas with Phoenix levels of heat:

Perfect Your Space with Paver Patios

With our many sunny days and cool evenings, every Arizona homeowner deserves a great patio hangout! When designing yours, opt for light-colored paving stones that reflect, rather than absorb, heat. Materials such as travertine or light-colored natural stone pavers stay cooler and will help make your patio more enjoyable on hot days. Plus, they have a modern, visually appealing look that’s perfectly suited to Arizona living.

Patio with pavers and pool deck. Pergola feature.

Add Shade with a Pergola

Having a nice, shaded area is absolutely essential in the Phoenix sun. Pergolas can be an easy outdoor addition that offers relief from the heat while still allowing you to enjoy fresh air and a bit of a breeze. By extending your living space with a pergola, you’ll find more reasons to get outside, all year long. If you’re looking for a way to add even more shade, consider climbing plants or hanging weather-resistant curtains to block the sun’s rays.

Free-standing pergola in a Texas backyard. Includes paving stone landscaping with stone patio and planters.

Think Green with Artificial Turf

Who says you can’t have a lush, green lawn in Arizona? With artificial turf, you can have one that stays beautiful all year long! Modern artificial grass looks incredibly realistic while staying cool to the touch, thanks to advanced materials designed to reflect heat. By installing artificial turf, you’ll have a yard that’s virtually maintenance free and uses minimal water. No more mowing, applying toxic pesticides or fertilizers, or watching your water bill soar as you try to keep your lawn alive.

Artificial turf and paving stone lawn in Decatur, Georgia

Stay Out of the Kitchen

When it’s sizzling out, Arizona locals know it can be difficult to keep our homes comfortable no matter how high we blast that A/C. Help yours stay cooler by cooking outdoors. With a convenient, well-equipped outdoor kitchen or BBQ station, you can enjoy Arizona’s sunshine while keeping the heat out of your home. Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be rustic. You can equip yours with features such as stainless-steel storage, a sink, refrigerator, or beverage cooler, and plenty of countertops for meal prepping and dining. We suggest adding a pergola or a shade canopy to make your space usable (and more enjoyable!) even in the hottest of months.

Outdoor kitchen made of stone with pergola

Arizona, You Got This!

Creating an outdoor space that you can use even in record-breaking heat is essential to making the most of Arizona’s desert lifestyle. By embracing ideas such as xeriscaping, adding more shaded hangout spots, and installing artificial turf, you can turn your home into a beautifully sustainable outdoor oasis. You’ll conserve water, reduce the time you spend maintaining your yard, and have an inviting environment where you can relax and entertain loved ones, no matter how high the mercury rises.

If you’d like to talk outdoor renovation ideas that can make your Arizona home easy to enjoy in any weather, book a complimentary design consultation with our experts. We love helping Phoenix-area homeowners make the most of every square inch of their property!

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