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Cocktail Pools: Big Value For Small Outdoor Spaces

Published Date: Jul 9, 2018

Having a small backyard isn’t always a bad thing. They’re more than often quaint, cozy and still offer a lot of flexibility – even if homeowners want to install a pool. With the right design expertise and a little help from one of outdoor living’s latest trends, the cocktail pool, a smaller backyard can be the perfect oasis for cooling off on hot days or escaping when in need of a break from a busy life. Cocktail Pools

A cocktail pool, or spool, is a smaller swimming pool that is designed specifically for backyards that may not have enough space to fit a full-size pool. Think of a cocktail pool as a combination of the hot tubs (without the heat) found at spas and a swimming pool. They are affordable to construct, maintain and they still deliver the same effect of having a place to splash around or cool off at home!

Creating an Intimate Atmosphere

One of the main perks of a cocktail pool is that it adds a unique design element to any backyard. Homeowners can accent it with a paver patio, or even have it installed adjacent to a built in BBQ island for easy entertaining on warm summer days.

When guests come over, everyone can relax with drinks on the patio or while dipping in the cocktail pool as the host grills up a tasty meal only a few feet away. It’s an ideal way to spend a summer afternoon. The kids could even take a quick dip in the pool before lunch!

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Custom Design Choices

Cocktail pools are extremely versatile in how they are set up. They can fit into almost any backyard space, as the designer can tweak the dimensions of the pool so that it fits perfectly. Homeowners have many choices for cocktail pool designs in smaller backyard spaces. Some may want an entertainment setup nearby, while others would love to have a couple of comfortable chairs and an outdoor fireplace to create a more relaxing setting.

More Cost Effective

While the construction of a spool is already cheaper than a regular pool, the maintenance costs are also much lower. These pools do not cover a significant area, which means the amount of water needed to fill the pool is much less. Regular pool maintenance steps are required, such as manual cleaning and routine water replacement. But everything is at a smaller scale, which brings costs WAY down.


Homeowner's Dream Backyard

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of any outdoor design is being able to create the backyard of each homeowner’s dreams. Instead of looking at that tiny unusable space in the backyard and wondering what to do with it – consider installing a cocktail pool. It can easily become the focal point of the entire yard and might even become your family’s favorite outdoor hangout spot.

Now you’re envisioning it - that small pool at the forefront of the backyard, with pool chairs on the surrounding paver patio, and a sleek BBQ grill on the side. It is the perfect setup for enjoying the summer, fall and spring months! Many homeowners naturally feel that a stunning backyard with different amenities is only an option for those who own a large lot of land. But even with a modest-sized backyard, it’s still always possible to create something spectacular.

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