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The Osur family get a paving stone courtyard built for entertaining

Behind The Scenes On This Courtyard Transformation

Published Date: Dec 18, 2023

Oakland, California residents Michael and Eva Osur enjoy having a spacious home where all their loved ones can get together. After some recent indoor renovations that included building a new wine cellar and guest suite, they knew their backyard could use an upgrade as well.

Their dream was to create an inviting paving stone courtyard where people could gather outdoors to share wine, laughter, and casual late-night conversations under the stars. So, Michael and Eva scheduled a complimentary design consultation with System Pavers. Together, they came up with a plan for bringing their vision to life.

The expansive new area was designed to make the most of their space, including retaining walls with built-in lighting and a lit staircase that enhanced safety while adding a luxurious look to their home.

As the project began, Michael and Eva decided to document their remodel so they could share their experience with friends. From initial demolition to cutting the stones and laying pavers, the Osurs caught all the action.

Next on the Osur’s outdoor remodeling agenda? A patio and bocce court. However, phase two won’t start until their goats get done clearing away foliage from their yard. Don’t want to deprive those hungry goats of the chance to enjoy some good al fresco dining!

See How System Pavers Created A Courtyard Built for Sharing


Before Courtyard Pic
Osur Ugly Crumbling Concrete Stairs Before


Osur After Paving Stone Courtyard Transformation Oakland CA
Osur Paver Patio Stairs After
Paver Patio Courtyard Retaining Wall

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