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Backyard Fiesta: Happy Cinco De Mayo

Published Date: May 4, 2018

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting friends and family together for a special occasion. Everyone gets to spend quality time together, and the host gets to show off their gorgeous home and outdoor living space. An event like Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to have such a celebration. Having a Cinco de Mayo party in the backyard is the ideal way to welcome summer!

Grilled Carne Asada Tacos at the Outdoor BBQ Grill

Having fresh meat being prepared on the grill is an incredible feeling. Everyone can smell the delicious carne asada being prepared on your outdoor BBQ grill. If there isn’t a BBQ station in the backyard, it may be time to get one installed. It is the perfect spot for grilling and enjoying one another’s company.

These special occasions are the moment when a host can go all out. Instead of cooking meat on the stovetop or in an oven, elevate the tacos by grilling meat. It will have that perfect smoky taste. Moreover, it will get everyone’s mouthwatering from the incredible aromas coming from the grill.

Margarita and Nacho Bar at the Outdoor Kitchen

There is no Cinco de Mayo without some tasty margaritas. A host can make their own special recipe to add an extra kick to these drinks. Or they can have the station set up as a self-serve, where everyone mixes their own margarita. They can make the drinks as strong or weak as they want!

It is a good idea to have some virgin margaritas ready too - for those who do not drink or are too young! Adding a nacho bar in the area is perfect. If the BBQ deck is properly set up, there will be plenty of room for margaritas and a nacho bar. These snacks can be fairly close to the grill. Those who are manning the grill can easily get some snacks and food for themselves too!


Piñata off the Pergola for the Kids

Trying to find the ideal spot for a piñata? Try setting it up off the pergola. It is so easy to tie up to the pergola. It will get enough support to stay in position. It will be easy for the kids to break apart too. It is the perfect spot for the piñata. And it will become the area where everyone centers around after they are done eating! Everyone can socialize in this stunning part of the backyard.

Don’t have a pergola in the backyard? It is possible to get one installed within days. They look incredible, add a personal touch to the backyard, and they are the perfect spot for a family hangout after a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

These types of special occasions only come around a few times a year. There is no need to hold back! The host can invite everyone they love to the celebration. Set up the food and drink stations, and the piñata and everything is set! It will be an incredible occasion for everyone who is attending. They are not going to forget this Cinco de Mayo celebration for a long time!

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