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Backyard Camping

Published Date: Jul 20, 2015

Ready for a backyard camping extravaganza? Let System Pavers help you make the most of an outdoor adventure that's conveniently located right outside your door!

Camp Safely… and Filled with Fun! 

The best part about backyard camping is it gives you all the benefits of the great outdoors, along with tons of safety, comfort, and a convenient location near indoor plumbing! Experience nature on your own turf – by setting up a tent and spending the evening under the stars.

  • Celestial Beauty


    - One of the best activities for a backyard campout is stargazing. Plan ahead for a fun evening out during a meteor shower, or teach the family about the constellations.

  • Backyard BBQ Bonanza


    – No need to rough it when it comes to food! Fire up your grill and cook up a healthy menu of burgers, hot dogs, and other tasty treats during your backyard campout. For some of our favorite BBQ ideas, check out these recipes from Sam the Cooking Guy. Spoiler alert: This really may be "The Best Grilled Donut" in the world!

    Sam grilled donut thumbnail

  • Safe Campfire Fun


    – Use your backyard fire pit as an instant campfire. Toasty s’mores are a must, and for the musically inclined, try busting out the guitar to play some favorite campfire tunes. An evening around a fire is also the perfect time to tell stories (spooky tales optional).

    making smores

  • Night Bloomers


    – Want to make your night owl adventures a regular habit? Plant a gorgeous after dark view by filling your garden with luxurious night blooming plants. From evening primrose to moonflower, there are plenty of options that look great and smell even better.

  • Backyard Games


    – Turn off those phones and tablets and enjoy some classic backyard games with the whole family. Whether you opt for cornhole or set up a game of horseshoes, there are plenty of fun options. Even a nature-oriented scavenger hunt can be a ton of fun!

    kids playing on turf yard, pool deck pavers, cornhole

  • Be Prepared


    – Remember to prep for your backyard camping adventure as if it were a real camping excursion. Bring insect repellant, snacks, and even a first aid kit for bumps and scrapes, so you don’t have to cut your night short and head back to the house. Also, remember to have enough comfortable sleeping backs, air mattresses, and blankets for everyone when the time comes to get cozy.

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