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paver patio and pergola

As Spring Approaches: Pergolas And Accent Features

Published Date: Mar 11, 2018

As spring approaches, we all look forward to long days and warmer evenings outside. This spring, think about maximizing outdoor space and usage with the addition of a pergola, tranquil water feature, eye-catching fire bowl and many other outdoor accent features.  

Covered Pergola

Spring is the perfect time to consider adding a pergola. Adding the shade will keep your outdoor space cooler in the coming summer heat. It will also help protect the area from spring wind and rain. Depending on where you live, this can transition your outdoor area into a year-round outdoor living space.

More importantly, a pergola helps define your outdoor living area. Whether you are considering an outdoor living room for your family or a large area for entertaining, a pergola provides a defined space. It can be custom designed to match walkways, decks, retaining walls and other features of your home.

It will be your oasis, so imagine how you will use it and the style you want to convey. You may want to consider adding a heat source like a fireplace or a patio heater. It will keep you warm during the chilly spring nights. A ceiling fan would be a wise choice for the upcoming heat of summer. Consider lighting, especially if you plan to use your covered pergola space for evening entertaining. You may want to consider a TV if you have a solid roof. Watching movies outside during the summer makes for great family bonding time.

Finally, spring is the perfect time to decorate and accessorize your new outdoor covered living space, or even explore a smaller scale makeover with just accessories. Spring brings new and fun products in a variety of styles.

Outdoor Accessories


No longer used just as decorations, our accent fountains can add depth and relaxation to any outdoor living space. Bring your courtyard or backyard retreat to life with a centerpiece pond, tower, spout or grande fountain. Add the tranquil sounds of soothing ripples to your backyard patio and enjoy quiet evenings under the stars with loved ones. Also great for privacy, consider installing a tower style fountain against a neighboring wall to help drown out sounds outside of your outdoor living space. Most fountains even include LED-lit trickles to increase the ambiance of your space in the evenings or at night.

turf yard, stone wall, waterfall

Fire Bowls

Prism fire bowls help create an outdoor retreat full of warmth and added beauty. Each fire element is hand-crafted using a custom patina finishing process that guarantees a one-of-a-kind creation. Fire bowls are a perfect centerpiece for evening conversations among friends or getting cozy with your spouse and a good glass of wine. With a variety of color choices and fire glass options to choose from, each fire bowl is customized to fit the unique design and overall theme of each outdoor living space.

Birdbaths and Statues

Bird baths should be both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor living space. This is why System Pavers offers six bird bath styles available in multiple color options. Enjoy sunny afternoons on your paver patio watching the local bird wildlife splash and bath playfully in the garden. Statues are used to enhance the environment of your outdoor living space and provide decoration to match your design theme. Statues are a great way to reflect individual taste and draw in the attention of guests. 

No matter what design element you choose to pursue, think about incorporating your personal style into your outdoor space to make it an extension of your home. 

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