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Joe Davis's backyard patio

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Published Date: Jun 3, 2013

When it comes to throwing a backyard party, we spend hours coordinating the fine details: colorful linens, matching tableware, bright lanterns for night time ambiance, and much more, not to mention the appetizers, entrees, and ice coolers full of drinks. And when the party is over, so are the fun splashes of color and style you spent hours creating. This summer, why not spend the same kind of attention to detail on your hardscapes and patio and pool decks for a lasting impression?

With just a little planning, you can add style, comfort, and ambiance that lasts long after the party is over. Interlocking paving stones add warmth and style to every patio and pool deck of any shape and size. And since they come in dozens of colors, shapes, and textures, you can create a design and pattern completely unique for your back or front yard. One that compliments the colors and architecture of your home's exterior and interior.

unique paver patio design with paving stone water feature and retaining wall

Paving stone surfaces offer many advantages over concrete, including the following:

  • No more cracks. Your kids will have to find another place to skip over sidewalk cracks because paving stone surfaces do not crack when the earth settles or if under duress.

  • Low maintenance. Unlike wood decks that need staining in order to preserve their color and surface integrity, paving stone patios never need to be repainted or treated to withstand the elements of nature. This alone can save you hours of outdoor work each year, and quite a bit of money over time.

  • Style and ambiance. When is the last time someone commented on the aesthetics of your concrete walk? Install a terracotta, moss charcoal, tumbled cream charcoal, red brown, or gray paving stone deck with colorful patterns, circle designs, and so on, and get used to fielding compliments on the beauty of your outdoor space!

For ideas on how paving stones can transform the look and functionality of your outdoors, visit our Inspiration Gallery.

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