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Act Now On Home Improvements In Seattle

Published Date: Aug 24, 2016

Seattle often gets a bad rep among non-natives. We've heard it all: "The people are unfriendly," "It's depressing there" or our personal favorite, "It's always rainy." Let's get this straight; these myths are false, and the longer you believe these unfounded fables, the more you're missing out on all that the Emerald City has to offer.

Don't believe us? Consider this fact: According to U.S. Climate Data, the average annual rainfall is 34.1 inches. Admittedly, that's pretty wet, but that level is nothing compared to other locales. Just look at Mobile Alabama, which sees 67 inches of rain each year or Pensacola, Florida, with its 65-inch annual rainfall, according to a study from WeatherBill.

Plus, Seattle is simply awesome, and there's something for everyone. Outdoorsy folks take advantage of all the whale watching, paddle boarding and hiking available. Meanwhile, those who value relaxation soak in the painting-like views of volcanoes and mountains from their backyards or lounge within the city's many parks.

Have we convinced you yet? If you're considering a relocation to Seattle or simply want to enhance the home you already have in Washington state's go-to locale, make your move now. Data shows that home value in Seattle is going up, which means investing in your abode will pay off in a few years.

seattle hills

In Seattle, you get a picture-perfect view right from your backyard.

Home prices rising in Seattle According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Index for July, the current home index level for Seattle is 188.29. This number, up 0.89 percent from June, marks a pattern of housing price increases across the Emerald City. As real estate resource Zillow highlighted, that brings the average home price to $585,400, making the seller's market "very hot." In fact, ever since 2012 the price tag on homes has been going up.

Forbes contributor and real estate guru Ingo Winzer offered a few rationales for this phenomenal housing marketing health. For one, tech jobs are abundant. As The New York Times explained, industry leaders from Seattle have long been looking at San Francisco as an example, and the locale is well on its way to achieving that level of tech success.

However, the Washington city is taking San Francisco's strategies one step further. Not only is it expanding information technology opportunities, but Seattle is also ensuring that this amplification doesn't upset what makes the site so unique: It's rich blend of artists, foodies and families. To do this, city officials approved a $15 dollar minimum wage and have been diligently working to create more affordable housing.

paver driveway

Housing inventory is decreasing in Seattle.

Conflicting insights Winzer seems adamant about the boom, but other real estate experts have argued that Seattle's housing market is due to slow down. According to Market Watch, while the number of available homes is still shrinking, the rate at which houses are dropping off the market is decreasing. Year-over-year, available inventory has gone down 13 percent, but over the last 18 months, that rate was 20 percent.

Regardless of whose predictions will prove true, Seattle is still a seller's market, which makes home improvement projects all the more valuable. Backyard upgrades are a safe bet considering no one can say no to a beautiful outdoor living space.

With System Pavers, you have plenty of project opportunities. However, we recommend capitalizing on the great outdoors vibe Seattle has to offer. Closed-in porches are nice, but a custom patio equipped with stone pavers and an overhanging awning will better allow homeowners to take in the fresh air. Plus, an open sitting area means nothing will obstruct that famous mountain view.

Get creative. If you enjoy cooking, grill up some burgers on our BBQ island while watching the Seahawks bring in another win. Those who like to lounge can enjoy the soothing sounds from a water feature, like a fountain.

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