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A New Tradition - Cook Outside this Holiday Season

Published Date: Nov 16, 2012

Maybe the weather outside is frightful, but barbequing is so delightful! Warm up this holiday season with the very best of outdoor cooking. Gather with family and friends to delight in the natural smoky flavors of fire roasted food in your own great outdoors. What better way to enjoy your backyard than to take in the warm scent of the heating grill filling the cool air accompanied by the soft sound of wood popping and crackling from your barbeque?

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Gather with guests around the BBQ Island for warm appetizers like grilled vegetables and cheese fondue. Decoratively hang thick wool blankets on the back of each bar chair for added warmth as the grill begins to radiate heat. Smoke your food with apple wood, mequite wood or hickory wood for additional flavor. If you're using a propane BBQ, don't worry, here's how:

How to Use Wood Chips in Propane BBQ

From eHow.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Propane grill with two-level racks

  • Wood chips

  • Aluminum foil


  1. Soak wood chips in water

  2. Make shallow tray out of aluminum foil with the edges just high enough to keep the wood chips in place during the cooking process. Size of tray will depend upon the size of your grill, and how much space you will need on the grill.

  3. Place another sheet of aluminum foil around the burners at the bottom of the propane BBQ grill and shape it to direct the flames towards the tray full of wood chips.

  4. Once you light the grill, place the tray of wood chips on the bottom rack. Close the lid ofthe grill for a few minutes and allow the smoke to accumulate. Wait until the smoke and aroma are flowing consistently from the propane BBQ grill before placing the food inside.

  5. Use the upper rack that is attached to the lid of the propane grill for the food you are cooking. Add more wood chips as needed.

Creating the perfect ambiance with the aromatic smoke flavor and crisp air ensures a holiday season tradition friends and family will enjoy together for years.

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