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A Light Festival In Your Own Backyard!

Published Date: Jan 14, 2014

Each winter, in Reykjavik Iceland, the annual Winter Lights festival brightens the long days with beautiful illuminations throughout the city. A collection of sparkling events and places come to life as distinctive works of art emphasize the extraordinary contrasts of the Icelandic winter season during their days of darkness.

New light installations are added each year to accentuate the contrasts between light and dark while artists travel from all over the world to take part in the unique creations and exhibit their personal talents. Though you may not experience the deep dark days of winter as the Icelanders do up north, the shorter days and darkness can seem to go on forever wherever you are. This year, why not create your own illuminated space with the help of the outdoor lighting experts at System Pavers?

With professionally installed outdoor lighting, you can have a light festival every night of the year, one that illuminates the features and beauty of your outdoor landscape and your home's architectural style. For outdoor lighting systems, System Pavers uses highly efficient and adaptable LED systems. With advances in LED lights, you can better see subtle color variations at night, giving your yards an artistic, beautiful glow that harsh, traditional lighting cannot match.

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Another benefit of LED lighting is the instant energy savings. Long-term savings you will experience are likely to quickly outweigh the cost of installation. Book a complimentary consultation today to see how our experts can bring your yard to life after dark for a look you'll enjoy for years.

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