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A Garden Designed For Entertainment

Published Date: Jan 29, 2014

Whether a formal occasion or an informal get-together with friends and family, entertaining in your own outdoor living space is one of the greatest joys in life. The weather is getting warmer it’s time to start designing your back patio and garden to create an enjoyable environment for you and your future guests.  A great outdoor entertainment design is one that is a natural extension of your home. There are so many ways to design your outdoor area. It can offer a fun, flexible space for entertaining large groups or a private, peaceful escape for a small number of people. Here are some design elements you may want to consider as you are planning your outdoor space with entertaining in mind: 

Location and Layout The first consideration is where your outdoor entertainment area will be located. Will you set the entertainment area within an existing garden or will you design your garden around the entertainment layout? Consider the soil (you need to be able to grow your plantings), sun exposure and protection from wildlife. What will your guests view from your entertainment area? Make use of an existing garden for mature plants if possible. 

Landscaping Colorful, aromatic plants ignite the sense and help turn your outdoor entertainment area into a relaxing escape. Consider the need for privacy or greenery that will attract or repel certain insects or wildlife. Incorporating surrounding nature is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor entertainment area. Consider the use of artificial turf. Our SP Turf® looks and feels surprisingly real. Artificial turf significantly reduces the need for watering (an important consideration during times of drought), saves you time and effort caring for the yard, and is kid and pet-friendly. Click here to learn more about artificial turf options. 

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Outdoor Cooking Do you want to include a cooking feature or outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living area? Cooking and sharing meals is one of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor space and entertain others. Your cooking design can be as simple as an outdoor barbeque or as elaborate as building a full outdoor kitchen. Design ideas for outdoor kitchens often feature convenient amenities such as: • Barbeques • Grill • Refrigerator • Bar • Oven • Sink • Ice maker • Beverage cooler • Shelves and storage for cookware, dishes and other culinary supplies. 

Shelter Do you want to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area during various weather conditions? Overhead shelter can increase the versatility of your outdoor living area. Types of shelter to consider include: • Umbrellas • Gazebo • Pergolas • Solid wood roof structures. You may want to add a screen to protect your area from insects, especially if you are located in an area prone to insect infestation. 

Outdoor Firepits and Fireplaces Firepits and fireplaces are highly-desirable outdoor design elements. Beautiful and functional, firepits and fireplaces will provide you and your guests years of enjoyment. They can be designed to complement your garden area and match other elements such as walkways, retaining walls and other design features. 

people making s'mores at a fire pit

Water Features The pleasant sound of flowing water greatly increases the enjoyment of a garden entertainment area. The sound of moving water blocks out background noise and increases the sense of tranquility and peace of your garden. Water evokes the essence of nature and enhances the ecosystem of your garden. There are many designs and customized elements that can be included in your water feature. Learn more about adding a water feature to your entertainment garden. 

Furniture The right furniture can make a garden entertainment area come alive. Make sure you have enough seating for the number of people you typically want to entertain. Consider storage for extra folding seats if desired. There are many seating options that offer durability, comfort, function and style. Think about how you will be using the space. Most entertainment areas need a table and chairs furniture for lounging such as couches and chairs may be a good fit. Some outdoor areas include a hammock, chaise lounge or day bed for relaxing or even napping. Consider adding small tables and outdoor media such as an outdoor TV, HiFi system and speakers. 

There are many ways to use outdoor entertainment design elements to create a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor area that will bring immense enjoyment to you and your guests. Take time to plan carefully and you will be rewarded with years of pleasant get-togethers and memorable outdoor entertainment events.

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