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7 Key Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Published Date: Jun 27, 2018

Many people still view artificial turf as unnatural and are unsure if it’d be good addition to the yard. That's mainly because most people have a misconception about artificial turf and its usefulness. There are many benefits of artificial turf. If you're interested in diving deeper, here are seven benefits of installing artificial turf every homeowner should know about it.

Saves on Water Costs

Estimates suggest that using artificial turf in place of natural grass can save on up to 99,000 gallons of water each year! The precise figure will naturally depend on the size of the yard and how much additional landscape is included in the space, but there are huge savings for any family that chooses to go with an artificial turf.

Environmentally Friendly

People assume natural grass is better for the environment, but it can be the opposite. SP Turf, specifically, uses an antimicrobial infill to help eliminate waste and bacteria build up. Artificial turf also requires no maintenance, which means there is no need to use gas or electric-powered lawn mowers on it every week.

In addition, artificial turf is naturally allergen and pet-friendly. This makes it a perfect alternative for homeowners (or kids for that matter) with an allergy to grass. It's also wonderful for homeowners with pets who enjoy playing outside.

backyard playground

No Pesticides

Natural grass often requires pesticide and fertilizer spraying, however, no treatment is required on artificial turf, which is great for keeping homeowners, kids and pets safe while enjoying their fake grass.

No Maintenance Necessary

Who wouldn’t love having a lawn that required little to no maintenance? The only work that may be required for artificial turf is removing leaves from the surface during the autumn months. But that is easily manageable using a leaf blower or a natural bristle broom!

No Need to Mow the Lawn

Tired of mowing the lawn every couple weeks to keep it looking good? Since the lawn is no longer natural grass, there is no worry about it getting longer or unruly over time!

Green Grass All Year Round

No matter how much effort a homeowner puts into their yard, there are times in the year when the grass is just not green enough. It looks brown in patches, but not completely green. Why put in all that effort for just a few months of a lush looking lawn? Artificial turf offers lush green grass throughout the year, even during the winter months!

turf and paver yard

Immense Durability

The beauty of artificial turf is that it is durable and reliable. Unlike natural grass, where a slight mishap can result in an entire portion coming out from the ground, artificial turf will always remain in place. Even if kids are playing on it each day during the summer, it will look great by the end of the season. It is a cost-effective product that looks even better and lasts much longer than natural grass!

While it may be a big change for a family to go from natural grass to an artificial turf, it is a change for the better. Artificial turf offers all the aesthetic and physical benefits of grass while being cheaper and easier to maintain. It will also last longer and look greener throughout the year! Save money while maintaining a stunning lawn.

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