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5 Ways To Heat Up Your Outdoor Space

Published Date: Nov 8, 2016

We can all officially agree, Fall is finally in full swing. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and many homeowners are considering packing up their outdoor furniture for the cooler winter months ahead. If you’re one of these homeowners, we’re here to let you know why you should consider leaving your outdoor furniture out instead. These clever tips and tricks to staying warm outdoors are the perfect way to keep the fun going all year long:

1. Cozy Quarters

Including a fire pit or built in fireplace outdoors gives you a place to cozy up with loved ones all year long. You might also want to consider the purchase of a few still standing outdoor heat lamps. They’re easy to move and can help dad stay warm by the bbq while everyone hangs out by the fire.

2. Fireside Dining

Keep your favorite al fresco dinners going longer by setting the table close to your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Dining outdoors isn’t just a summer trend. Grab those fluffy seating cushions, an extra jacket and opt for dinner out back on a gorgeous Fall evening.

sparkling wine in front of outdoor fireplace

3. Outdoor Warmth

To ward off chillier weather, consider 100% cotton cushions and fleece throw blankets for your outdoor seating area. Of course you wouldn’t want to keep the cushions and blankets out all winter long, but be sure to have some handy for when you plan to use your outdoor space.

fall decor

4. Heat up the Night

Ditch the fancy restaurant and opt for romantic dinner date by your outdoor fireplace. Hosting an al fresco dinner for your friends and family is always fun; but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a more romantic dinner with just your significant other. Crack open your favorite bottle of wine, order in and cozy up by your fire pit.

fire pit

5. Keep it Covered

Consider enclosing your pergola or awning with canvas style drapes to stay insulated while enjoying the outdoors. Keep one side of the pergola open to allow a view of the backyard to peek through and block out a cross breeze that could add to the already chillier weather.


Your outdoor space should double as an extension to your family living area; so when the time comes to consider packing up your outdoor furniture, consider these tips first. You wouldn’t give up your living room for the winter; don’t give up your outdoor living room either.

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