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5 Ways To Enjoy Daylight Saving Time Outdoors

Published Date: Mar 9, 2023

With Daylight Savings brings an extra hour of sunshine to enjoy every day. Why not take advantage of this extra time by spending it with loved ones in the comfort of your outdoor spaces? From weekend BBQ’s to skipping the gym, here are 5 ways to make the most of it. 1. Host an Evening BBQ

Let's be honest, you know you've waiting since the dark days of November to fire up the BBQ and indulge on some savory grilled dishes. And thankfully the time has come to for the grilling enthusiast in the house to get their favorite domain back. Celebrate this monumental occasion by inviting friends and family over for an evening BBQ dinner party. Setup the outdoor bar area with seats and decor to create an inviting scene guests will naturally be drawn to. This will encourage everyone to spend time outside and enjoy that extra hour of sun.

grill, pavers, and turf

PRO TIP: Ask guests to bring a simple wine and appetizer pairing to add an element of intrigue to the evening.

2. Skip the Gym

And head to the backyard instead! Whether you're working with a grass lawn, artificial turf or even a hard surface foundation like pavers, there are ENDLESS outdoor workout options available these days. Why go to a stuffy gym when fresh air and sunshine are abundant right outside the house? Whether you're following an online workout video, a guided meditation app, or just doing your own routine, getting outside for your workout is invigorating after a long day at the office or running around taking care of errands.

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3. Unwind With Yard Games

Looking for a way to get the kids outside and having fun in the sun? Yard games are great for the whole family, and with the extra hours of sunshine, everyone can see clearly and avoid injury. Set up the boards and beanbags to play a friendly game of corn hole, prop up a net in the corner of the yard and kick the soccer ball around, or keep it simple with hide-and-seek or tag! The options for outdoor games are endless, but daylight saving time isn't - so make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.

4. Start Your Summer Garden

Many of us lead busy lives that don't allow us to focus on leisurely activities until the evening, and by then it's usually too dark to be outdoors. For those who enjoy gardening, daylight saving provides the perfect opportunity to start setting up your desired landscape for Spring and Summer. 

Preparing your garden space now means less work when the weather gets hotter and allows you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Plus there are SO many varieties of fruits, flowers and vegetables in season for the Summer, you can have fun planting each of your family members' favorite fruits or flowers.


5. Sit Back and RelaxOf course, simply soaking in the sun and enjoying the extra time in a beautiful backyard is always an excellent choice for kicking off daylight saving time. Grab a book and head to the patio for some light evening reading, watch the sunset from the comfort of your backyard, or just relax with your favorite glass of wine.

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