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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Real Grass For Artificial Turf

Published Date: Jan 10, 2019

Artificial turf is growing in popularity as more homeowners learn to understand its many benefits. Local cities and even some county’s see the benefits of turf to be so great that they’re even offering rebates for homeowners who choose to install it as an eco-friendly alternative to grass.

To help you fully grasp why the advantages of artificial grass are so great, we’ve put together a detailed overview of the top 5 benefits of installing artificial turf.

Low Maintenance

In a busy world of commuting, kids’ sports, full-time jobs and side hobbies, many to most homeowner do not have the spare time to dedicate to required lawn maintenance for real grass. Surely, there’s the option to hire a lawn maintenance company, but where’s the savings benefit in that? While grass is without a doubt a constant expense, artificial turf is easily a worthy investment.

With artificial turf, there’s no need for mowing, trimming, spraying for pesticides, or having to re-patch dead spots. Homeowners also don’t ever have to worry about flooding or a muddy lawn. All SP Turf jobs come with appropriate drainage, so your lawn stays in top condition even through the rainy season.

Safe for the Sensitive

Those who might suffer from allergies to grass, mildew or mold can find relief and can spend more time outdoors with artificial grass. The same goes for those who are generally sensitive to chemical lawn treatments. Not only does pollen reduce greatly in a yard with artificial turf, but SP Turf is also made with an antimicrobial infill. This helps eliminate bacteria build up and is completely allergen friendly.

Did we mention artificial turf is also wonderful for pets? Pet owners never have to worry about their animals being affected by pesticides, digging holes or dragging in mud.

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Traditional grass lawns can require pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. All of these can create toxic runoff which is harmful to the environment, as well as human health. The environmentally-conscious must also consider the gas and electricity required to operate lawn maintenance equipment. Naturally, artificial grass requires none of these.

Property owners living in areas prone to drought can conserve water with artificial turf as well. They never need watering, so owners are never subtracting from precious community resources.

Instant Beauty

As a homeowner, you always want your lawn looking green and pristine, and all year long. With real grass, however, that’s rarely the case.  Did you know that is can easily take an entire year to rehabilitate a diseased, barren, or severely neglected patch of grass?

With artificial grass, there is no wait time. The moment installation is complete, the lawn’s full beauty is realized, instantly increasing curb appeal and usable outdoor space.

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Cost Effective

At the end of the day, one question stands- what does all this beauty and convenience cost? From a maintenance perspective, of course a lot less. With no sodding, seeding, or watering needed homeowners are instantly saving hundreds of dollars a month in maintenance fees alone.

Additionally, artificial turf only needs to be installed once with no concerns of patching or replacing it, making it an investment versus the constant expenses required with real grass.

Ultimately, artificial lawns provide just as much value to the daily life of residents as it does the monetary value of a home. Pets and children are kept safe from toxic chemicals, while everyone can enjoy fewer insects, allergens, weeds, and other obstructions. Artificial grass is the perfect addition to any household that truly wants to enjoy more beauty and freedom outdoors.

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