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5 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs A BBQ Island

Published Date: Mar 28, 2018

The warm weather is slowly but surely rolling in, and with it, the excitement and anticipation for outdoor events such as barbecues and family get-togethers. Naturally popular with homeowners is having custom BBQ islands installed in their backyards to create their very own backyard escape. Here are the top five reasons to own a custom BBQ island.

To expand your culinary skills

A custom installed BBQ island can be designed any way you wish. It can encompass much more than a standard BBQ grill, too. Your new BBQ island can boast extended countertops for food preparation, appliances such as a complete oven range and side burners for cooking full meals outdoors and so much more. Preparing your next revolutionary cuisine or just developing your skills as a master chef have never been more fun! And don’t worry about the dishes, your brand-new BBQ island can even include a sink and a dishwasher for added convenience. Whether you are a fresh-faced beginner or a grizzled barbecue veteran, you can become the top chef in the eyes of your friends and family this summer using your new custom BBQ island.

To create a new space for entertaining

And with friends and family in mind, a custom designed BBQ island is so much more than simply an outdoor area to cook. It is the perfect place for entertaining your loved ones. Just imagine inviting everyone over for a cookout and seeing the expressions on their faces when they enter a beautiful shaded retreat complete with a resort style BBQ/outdoor kitchen set up. Surely, you’ll also find your neighbors inviting themselves over for weekend BBQ’s. You will officially be the hero of summertime in your neighborhood. Picture the fun, the smiles, and all the delicious food to be enjoyed!

outdoor kitchen

To give your kitchen a break

When it comes to preparing meals, cooking indoors during the warmer months of the year can truly be the worst of times. Your air conditioning is already competing against the heat radiating through your windows and other vulnerable areas in your home. Now, every time you cook, you are unleashing the heat directly into your home. This can not only add to the cost of your electric bill, but also make it extremely uncomfortable and at times unbearable conditions to cook in. The time is now to give your kitchen (and your energy bill) a break. Cooking outdoors offers you and your family numerous benefits, such as enjoying time in the sun, taking in extra vitamin D, hanging out poolside or playing water games on the lawn. Eliminating the use of your oven and stove top during hot summer days and warm summer nights is always ideal.

To spend more time outdoors

On the subject of warmer nights, what better time of day is there to spend more time outdoors than on a warm summer evening? Imagine preparing and eating your meals outdoors, basking in the warmth of a stunning summer sunset. Imagine the smiles and fun of watching your loved ones finally spending more time outdoors talking and enjoying each other’s company away from their tablets, laptops, and mobile devices.

To give your family a change of scenery

Most importantly, you want to give your family the world. Why not start by giving them the gift of the great outdoors? An outdoor BBQ island can be used year-round with proper heating devices like heat lamps, a fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace to complement your new backyard focal point. This summer, give your family something that will positively impact their day-to-day lives for years to come. Give them the space they deserve.

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