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5 Outdoor Products To Consider

Published Date: Jul 22, 2018

It’s sad to know that so many homes have outdoor spaces that are neglected and empty. These spaces should be an oasis where everyone in the family can go to have some fun, relax or just enjoy the outdoors. They’re truly a place where one can unwind after a long day - or simply take in the incredible weather and surrounding atmosphere. If this doesn’t describe your own outdoor living space, it’s time to make some changes.

Designing a dream outdoor space involves a few key steps and of course, a few key outdoor products. Here are five key elements homeowners should keep in mind when working with a professional to create a perfect outdoor living escape.


The patio is a crucial element to elevating a backyard. The patio can and should be made of stone pavers, especially if the homeowner is desiring an elegant solution that will last a lifetime. Even in smaller yards, the patio area can host a table and a few chairs for guests to sit and relax.

When designing this area, it’s a good idea to add in pops of color around the patio. bed of flowers surrounding a satellite paver patio will help it pop and enhance that “oasis atmosphere” within the yard.

built in grill

BBQ Island:

Most ‘dream’ outdoor living spaces include a built in BBQ island. Statistics show that 3 in every 5 homeowners have a new BBQ island on their outdoor remodel wish list. Homeowners with families or who like to entertain friends and neighbors can have their designer include an oversized bar area with plenty of bar stools to accommodate their guests while grilling.


firepit is a terrific focal point element for truly any backyard. Firepits are completely customizable and come in a variety of sizes, accommodating every design style and backyard sizes. Include a paving stone bench around the firepit for additional seating or add in your own outdoor furniture, the choice is yours!

Firepits help to create cozy and comforting vibes, especially during the spring, fall and winter seasons. There’s always something relaxing about lounging in a comfortable chair and staring into the flames of a firepit.

stone fire pit

Artificial Turf:

Let’s face it - maintenance on grass is a huge headache. With larger backyards, it’s even more frustrating. Not only is there plenty more space to maintain, some of the grass areas may be permanently or mostly permanently shaded. This results in patches of the yard that never seem to grow or get as green as the rest of the yard.

The solution here is to ditch regular grass and go for artificial turf for the new remodel design. Artificial turf is easily installed by a design professional, looks pristine and green all year, requires minimal maintenance and lasts for decades. Artificial SP Turf is also more durable than regular grass and uses antimicrobial infill, meaning it’s safe for both the kids and pets alike!


Trying to create some shade for the patio while entertaining or for those extra warm summer days? How about a permanent shade solution - a stunning pergola. These shaded structures can be fully covered or paneled depending on homeowner preference and can also be molded to match the architectural design of the house. They also help to elevate the entire backyard aesthetic.

When the time comes for your home to get an outdoor upgrade, be sure to keep these products in mind. Not only will they help elevate your outdoor living lifestyle, but they’re also guaranteed to help increase the property value of your home.

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